Review: The Prince and the Frog

The Prince and the Frog
The Prince and the Frog by Rob Rosen
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I like Rob Rosen’s writing as he’s funny, witty, and often over the top. My problem with his short stories is that they tend to be more erotica based than I prefer, but I always appreciate the humor. The Prince and The Frog is good for that. It’s a definite tongue in cheek take on the classic fairy tale and I read it in about 15 minutes so I can’t complain. It’s not as memorable as some of Rosen’s other work but it’s cute, easy to read, and doesn’t take itself too seriously as erotica; a trait I enjoy in Rosen’s writing. Continue reading

Review: Good & Hot: Gay Erotic Romance

Good & Hot: Gay Erotic RomanceGood & Hot: Gay Erotic Romance by Rob Rosen
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Rob Rosen is an author I tend to buy but his work can be hit or miss. Thus an entire collection of his short stories is along those lines with some hits, some misses, and a peek behind the curtain at what inspires him. Although Rosen always includes romance and a happy ending for his boys, the short stories are geared towards erotica. They’re hot encounters meant to get you off and sometimes Rosen’s prose doesn’t always do that for me. It’s gritty, dirty, and raw and sometimes just doesn’t work while it may for others. This collection is an interesting one and should work best for fans of the author. Continue reading

Review: Hot Lava

Hot LavaHot Lava by Rob Rosen
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Those fans who read the utterly delightful Divas Las Vegas by Rob Rosen know that this author can write some hilarious madcap insanity. If you haven’t read the book, seriously why not and Hot Lava follows in that lauded tradition. While I didn’t laugh out loud as much with Hot Lava, nor did I end the book kissing the ground that I’d read it (like I did with Divas), the humor and clever writing combines with a lightening fast pace to produce a fun, witty, and very entertaining light story to chase away any winter doldrums. Although I don’t think it managed the same highs as Divas, Hot Lava is an easy book to recommend and fans will definitely want to read this.

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Divas Las Vegas by Rob Rosen

Divas Las Vegas by Rob Rosen

What happens when you find out that Grandma’s vase mistakenly sold at a yard sale is worth tens of thousands of dollars ~ and somebody else is about to cash in on it on Antiques Roadshow? Of course, you hop on a plane with your best friend and race off to Las Vegas to get Grandma’s vase back! Filled with action and suspense, hunky blackjack dealers, divine drag queens, strange sex, and sex in strange places, plus a Federal agent or two, Divas Las Vegas puts the sin in Sin City. "Divas Las Vegas" is a fun, new take on the murder mystery genre.

fruits, drinks, sex toys, and a missing granny vase… perfect Vegas holiday..