Review: Screwing the System

Screwing the System
Screwing the System by Josephine Myles
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I like Josephine Myles’ work quite a bit and Screwing the System is easily one of my favorites from her. The writing is clean, crisp, and evocative and the characters are engaging from the start. The sex is incredibly hot and the relationship is pretty low key. I found a few easy coincidences that I could have done without but beyond these there are very few, if any, missteps. Instead it’s a fun and interesting story to read without a lot of drama or problems. There’s no big drama and end scene, which is actually nice, and maturity wins the day. Continue reading

Review: Hard Tail

Hard Tail
Hard Tail by J.L. Merrow
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

JL Merrow usually works pretty well for me with her smooth writing, great wit, and adorable characters. Hard Tail is no departure from that and feels like a solid comfort read that fits well with the author’s backlist. The situation is interesting with some good and obvious research thrown in. I think the external tension drew out a bit too long and in a very predictable way. Due to this some sections of the book seem to drone on while others flew by easily giving an uneven pace. Despite this the nice guy characters and cute chemistry should be enough to win over fans of the author. Continue reading

Review: Muscling Through

Muscling ThroughMuscling Through by J.L. Merrow
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Let me just say I adore everything about this story. The first person narrator is charming, lovely, heart warming and it would take a real hard hearted person not to appreciate his genuine personality. The story isn’t perfect and the narrator tells you the story as if this had happened a long time ago and he’s telling the reader how things came to be. The tense also changes sometimes from present to past but honestly these are all incredibly minor qualms that don’t stand a chance against such a truly wonderful story. I recommend this easily and think fans and readers will love this story. Continue reading

Review: A.J.’s Angel

A.J.'s AngelA.J.’s Angel by L.A. Witt
My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars

AJ’s Angel handles the tricky and often misused cheating theme. Some people hate this entirely and if so you should avoid this novella. If you don’t mind cheating or on the fence, this one is still somewhat iffy but could appeal. The story relies on Seb’s questionable forgiveness, which is really him wanting hot sex which translates into memory loss about prior cheating. This isn’t always successful and the tone of the story is morose since the majority of emotions revolve around cheating. It’s not a bad story to read but it’s not really an uplifting one with a strong romantic theme. Continue reading

Review: Camwolf

Camwolf Camwolf by J.L. Merrow
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

The more I read Merrow’s work the more I quite like her voice. Her latest, Camwolf, is an entertaining and enjoyable werewolf romance. The story takes a chance with a prominent female narrator but for the most part this works very well. The typical werewolf fight for dominance and animalistic behavior is handled well, contrasted beautifully against a mild mannered college of intelligent but reserved occupants. Some of this shift feels jarring and never quite hits an easy pace but the writing and deft characterization help overcome any qualms. I think most readers will find the story engaging and enjoyable to read.

Continue reading

Review: Taking you Home

Taking you HomeTaking you Home by Cooper Davis
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Taking You Home is the sequel to the wonderful Boys of Summer. You can easily read this novel without the first one but you get more context if you read both so it’s recommended but definitely not required. The sequel is written in much the same vein as the original story where the conflict isn’t internal but external. The conflict isn’t within the relationship – nor was it last time – but now that Hunter is over his issues being labeled as gay, the two have to get Max’s family over the issues as well. To that end the story is very, very sweet and very, very romantic. Almost too much so in that the language is over the top. Everything is soul affecting, so wonderful it makes you cry, and there is so much love every moment is magical. That’s not a bad thing and reader reaction is going to vary based on how sweet they want their story. Continue reading