Anagama Fires by Sarah Black

Anagama FiresAnagama Fires by Sarah Black

Lucien Durand and Colin Ferguson have lived and loved as partners in life and art for more than twenty years. But happily ever after is never easy. Over time, Lucien begins to resent how Colin’s work overshadows his own art, and their relationship falls apart. Colin leaves with nothing but a backpack, and Lucien goes on alone, getting some counseling, developing a practice in raku pottery, and waiting for what would happen next. He never expects that Colin will send his nephew James to train as a potter. With James staying in Lucien’s home, a door will open between the former lovers, firing their hearts.

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

well there’s a dick…. and not the fun kind

Tootsies by Sarah Black

TootsiesTootsies by Sarah Black


David Miller, a passionate and clueless young poet, flees modern life, intending to spend the winter holed up in a rustic cabin like a mountain man. He runs into a friend from the past. Quanah Parker Running Bear is a difficult man full of inappropriate longings, with much to teach a young poet about life and the lust for warm toes.

My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars

no foot fetish despite blurb promises…

Idaho Pride by Sarah Black

Idaho PrideIdaho Pride by Sarah Black

After an attempt to diffuse an explosive situation, Lee Hunter and Jeremy Sheridan end up taking the heat for the conflict and become friends. While researching a tragic local story for Jeremy’s magazine, Idaho Pride, Lee agrees to mentor Luis, a troubled young intern. But Jeremy has a problem of his own: a jealous ex-lover who threatens not only Jeremy and Lee’s new romance, but also the fledgling family they’re trying to create.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

because Val told me to read it …