Year of the Cat by Selah March

I should preface this by saying I won this book free (yay!) from excerpt day over on 

  blog. It’s taken me a bit to read it, which I apologize, due to the high volume of books to review these past two weeks. (Look at how many I’ve reviewed for RR and gah). Anyway, I apologize for how long this took but alas I finally got to read it and late at night too, the perfect setting for this tale.


Year of the Cat by Selah March


Sweet-natured Etienne LeFevre must give up his birthright and flee into the snow-covered forest to save himself from the murderous greed of his brutish elder brothers. When Etienne ends up alone and hungry, with a ramshackle cottage his only shelter and a feral cat his only friend, he believes himself doomed to a sad, cold death.

But out of the shadows of the night arrives a visitor who brings comfort. He presents himself as a servant, but the man called “Jacques” spends the long hours instructing Etienne in the cruel delights of a disciplined passion.

Jacques is gone with the morning light, but Etienne thinks he knows the stranger’s secret. Will Etienne tame the beast that lurks within his lover? Or will he find himself a victim of the bitter rage that rules Jacques’ heart?

Based on the classic French fairy tale, “Puss In Boots,” this story explores what happens when the servant becomes the master, and the master lives to serve…


Not your animated classic…