The Forever Man by Stephen Kessel

The Forever ManThe Forever Man by Stephen Kessel

Wanting “forever,” Allen leaves New York and follows his Australian lover back to Sydney. But when he arrives and reunites with Daren, he discovers that their relationship is not what he had thought. Instead he finds that a word chalked on the sidewalks of Sydney is what tugs at him, urging him to stay.

On the streets of Sydney, young Corey has found what he didn’t even know he was looking for and has his “forever,” a strange one for a young gay man, but one that satisfies him anyway.

The life and writing of a long-dead famous Australian poet brings these two men together in a most unexpected way, but it is the power of “forever” that also keeps them apart.

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

unique and lovely story

Two Chances by Stephen Kessel

Two Chances by Stephen Kessel

Tim’s partner, Nick, left him with their dream home and the “kids”—their four dogs. Now, after more than a year of long hours training staff in their franchised dog grooming business, and living alone, perhaps Tim is ready to take a chance. And perhaps there are some surprises in store for him if he does; though time has also taught him what really matters. And it’s not casual sex he wants.

bittersweet but fabulous