Divided Hearts by Terry O’Reilly

 Divided Hearts by Terry O’Reilly


When Jonathan and Nathaniel part ways, Nathaniel heads for the Ohio territory and a new life with Robert. Robert soon realizes his friend will never reciprocate his love fully. What can he do? Robert agrees to help the English translate in their negotiations with the Shawnee and in doing so meets Red Horse. Now there are two men living with Divided Hearts.


Sequel to Awakening…

Awakening by Terry O’Reilly

 Awakening by Terry O’Reilly


Jonathan Carver, a young Puritan school teacher, meets the handsome Nathaniel Morgan, master cooper. He comes to recognize the longings he has had all his life as desire for the love of another man. Nathaniel provides that love.

Their love must be carefully guarded as they live in Colonial America at the time of the call to Awakening of the Puritan spirit. Knowing that the penalty for their love is dire, they strive to keep their affair secret.

Another book ruined by the epilogue…

Walking in Two Worlds by Terry O’Reilly

 Walking in Two Worlds by Terry O’Reilly


Lee Masters is fired from his cattle drive when his sexual orientation is discovered. Frustrated and angry, he rides to a mountain lake where he meets Running Buffalo, Tatanka, who is also exiled from his tribe for refusing to adhere to tribal custom for braves who prefer men to women. They strike up a friendship, which readily turns to love. Their family is completed when a young Indian, Sleeps With Dogs, insists they take him with them on their search for a home. Where can they find the acceptance they seek? Will they always be Walking In Two Worlds?



Historical …

Finding the Words by Terry O’Reilly

Finding the Words by Terry O’Reilly


Ryan Phillips, a speech and language pathologist in the physical rehabilitation unit of a major university hospital, has recently ended a relationship due to his partner’s infidelity. He is called in to treat a patient who is suffering from a traumatic brain injury. In the course of his treatments he begins to have feelings for the man. But is he ready to be healed, and will the patient heal enough to be able to return the love that appears to be growing between them?


More older men..

Tangled Web by Terry O’Reilly

Tangled Web by Terry O’Reilly


Fifty-eight year old reticent banker, Kevin Baker works out regularly hoping to spot the man he’s become infatuated with, hunky Jake Whittiker. Kevin and Jake both have secrets. Secrets capable of destroying even a remote chance at happiness for the two men as they attempt to escape the meaninglessness of one night stands and brief encounters. Passion and testosterone, lies and omissions, tangled webs brought about by deceit. Untangling the myriad threads and revealing the truth is their only chance, but what will it truly cost?


Interesting take…