What do you like in your blurb?

Today it was my turn in the opinion piece over at Three Dollar Bill so I’m asking for a little reader participation. The topic of question is what do you like to see in your blurbs? How much information or what information? So if you have an opinion on the all important blurb – please pop on over and leave a comment.

Also this week we have four reviews up.
My reviews are Bashed by Rick Reed (which got some interesting comments) and Hero by Perry Moore. Both are good books and worth reading, though I adored Hero.

Emily did a review of a transgender sci-fi anthology that sounds fascinating and also a Noble Romance new release. Be sure to look at those.

So far we’ve gotten a great response and several review requests. I also have a bunch of recommendations and have started to use my points from paperbookswap to get some books. So look for some older titles in gay lit to show up soon.

As always, feedback of any kind is welcome and encouraged!
Have a good weekend!

Three Dollar Bill Reviews

Fun things!

So a few months ago the fabulous Emily approached me and asked if I’d be interested in helping her with a review site that showcased books in the GLBTQ genre. Her goal was to break beyond the erotic romance m/m barrier of book review sites and delve into a whole range of other books in the genre while still keeping some romance (we do love those after all). I loved this idea and happily signed up, which then mostly consisted of me saying “too yellow, move to the left, you do that, I’m heading to lunch.”

Thankfully after much hard work and several frustrations the new site went live this week on Monday. Three Dollar Bill Reviews – Reviews of books as queer as a three dollar bill. We’ve already gotten a great response, much better than I anticipated. So far we’ve produced 4 reviews and gotten a lot of requests for more. It’s always fun to get a review request for a book you want to read.

For my part I’m going to be focusing on those books in my TBR that have been languishing. A lot of them are from Lethe Press or Rebel Satori or those books that aren’t really romance and more in general gay fiction. I hope to include some classics I haven’t read and always wanted to. So suggestions are more than welcome!

So far Emily has offered two incredibly thorough, well-written and fair reviews. I’ve also contributed a review of ZA Maxfield’s Family Unit as well as today’s offering of RW Day’s A Strong and Sudden Thaw. Tomorrow Emily has an opinion piece going up on bisexuality in fiction.

I’m pretty excited about the site and the content that we’re going to be reviewing. While the goal is to bring perhaps little known books or classics or books beyond the erotica romance subgenre, we’ll definitely be adding those so hopefully there is something for everyone. We all need a little porny romance in our lives.

Anyway please check out the site, comment, offer book suggestions, site suggestions, offer to read my TBR and write cliffnotes, whatever! We look forward to hearing from you.