Rising Starz by Owen Keehnen

Rising StarzRising Starz by Owen Keehnen

Title: Rising Starz
Author: Owen Keehnen
Publisher: StarBooks Press
Length: 325 pages
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My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I’m a fan of porn star biographies and this peek into so many different stars at once seemed ideal. It also doesn’t hurt that each interview is accompanied by at least one full frontal cock shot for each porn star. After all, the money makers have to be on display. 

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Skater Boys: Gay Erotic Stories Edited by Neil Plakcy

Skater Boys: Gay Erotic StoriesSkater Boys: Gay Erotic Stories Edited by Neil Plakcy

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Title: Skater Boys Gay Erotic Stories
Edited by : Neil Plakcy
Publisher: Cleis Press
Length: Anthology 210 pgs
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Two words describe the appeal of skateboarders: barely legal. It takes a tough and independent young man to find the best places to shred, so it’s no wonder skaters have become the object of fantasies by gay […]


Kelland by Paul G. Bens, Jr.

KellandTitle: Kelland
Author: Paul G Bens
Publisher: Smashwords, Casperian Books
Length: Novel / 210 pgs
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My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Kelland proves that Paul G Bens is an exceptional author. After reading his collection of short stories, I knew I wanted to read Kelland and it doesn’t disappoint. While well written and technically easy to read, the topics broached are anything but light. The characters suffer, deeply, but this isn’t a depressing book. Instead it’s compelling, interesting, and dynamic on several levels. You can’t put the book down and don’t want it to end yet you know what’s coming isn’t necessarily good.

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The Perils of Praline by Marshall Thornton

The Perils of PralineThe Perils of Praline by Marshall Thornton

Title: The Perils of Praline
Author: Marshall Thornton
Publisher: MLR Press
Length: Novel / 220 pgs
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My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When he falls in love with a contestant on a reality TV show, Peter “Praline” Palmetier decides to leave his home in rural Georgia and, failing to realize this might be considered stalking, travels to Hollywood to find his soul mate, Dave G. Once in tinsel-town he meets a collection of startling, and often horny, characters in his quest. They include a studly steward, a conservative talk show host, the Godfather of the Gay Mafia, and casting assistant Jason Friedman, who always manages to be there in time to save Praline from total disaster. Will Praline find love with the illusive Dave G., or will he recognize the charms of appealing but untelegenic Jason?

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Kipling and Camping by Sophia Deri-Bowen

Kipling and Camping by Sophia Deri-Bowen

Title: Kipling and Camping
Author: Sophia Deri-Bowen
Publisher: Untreed Reads Publishing
Length:: Short Story/7 pgs
Buy the book: Publisher , Kindle

A displaced American and his British boyfriend, on a hiking trip into the mountains, find that the explorations of both wilderness and relationships have much in common with the works of Kipling. A short story from our Diversity line.

Kipling and […]

Slut Machine by Shane Allison

Title: Slut Machine
Author: Shane Allison
Publisher: Rebel Satori
Length: Anthology / 150 pgs
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Slut Machine is an enticing first volume that is brave, honest and rich in eroticism, humor and growing up gay and southern in America. This book of poetry takes on a Frankensteinian quality in which ideas span from the influences of Allen Ginsberg and Madonna to eroticizing Mexican and Chinese fast food restaurants.

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Boys Who Love Men by Martin Delacroix


Title: Boys Who Love Men
Author: Martin Delacroix
Publisher: Noble Romance
Length: 3 short stories /22k
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Boys Who Love Men offers three erotic tales, each about a young man overcoming his fears while seeking what he needs most in his life: love from an older man. Meet Jeff, a country boy yearning to escape his small […]

New Normal (Orbits) by Jeffrey Ricker


Title: New Normal
Author: Jeffrey Ricker
Publisher: Untreed Reads Publishing
Length:: Short Story/6 pgs
Buy the book: Publisher , Kindle

What if doctors were able to transplant your mind into a new body after a terrible accident? What if, thanks to the process, you found you could no longer love the person you were with or live your old life? What […]

Prove a Villain by K. C. Warwick

Prove a VillainProve a Villain by K. C. Warwick

Title: Prove a Villain
Author: K.C. Warwick
Publisher: Cheyenne (print); Bristlecone Pine Press (ebook)
Length: Novel / 80k words
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Having returned to Elizabethan London after an absence of two years, Hugh Seaton is happy to resume his old job as tailor to the company of actors known as Strange’s Men.

He is less content when he finds himself looking for a murderer, and hiding his former lover, playwright Christopher Marlowe, who is suspected of stabbing one of the players to death.  [contd…]


The Glass Minstrel by Hayden Thorne

The Glass MinstrelThe Glass Minstrel by Hayden Thorne

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Title: The Glass Minstrel
Author: Hayden Thorne
Publisher: Bristlecone Pine Press
Length: Novel / 200 pges

The Christmas season in mid-19th century Bavaria is brought to life in the THE GLASS MINSTREL, a new, original historical novel from acclaimed author Hayden Thorne. Two fathers, Abelard Bauer and Andreas Schifffer, are brought together through the tragic deaths of their eldest sons. Bauer, a brilliant toymaker, fashions glass Christmas ornaments and his latest creation is a minstrel with a secret molded into its features. [contd..]