Spellslayer 1: Curse of the Wizard’s Guild by V. Greene

Spellslayer 1: Curse of the Wizard’s Guild by V. Greene

How much trouble can a trained barbarian hero and a celibacy-sworn Guild wizard get into?

Turak is a barbarian by trade, breaking down doors, scaling walls and occasionally even rescuing a puppy. A sword-carrying professional hero, he is comfortable in his skin, easygoing and partial to men. But even heroes can hide darkness inside.

Gazriel is a wizard trained by Thallia’s Guild, sworn to scholastic endeavors and celibacy, doomed to spend his life clawing for precedence within the cutthroat politics of the Guild. His dark secret is his street-urchin past, doing whatever he had to if it kept him alive.

Set up to become enemies, they find themselves sharing a meal–and adventures. Their trail of broken rules soon puts them on the path to assassins, quests, and a tavern brawl or two.

next time just tell me whats in your pouch…