Review: Commitment Issues

Commitment IssuesCommitment Issues by Wynn Wagner
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Commitment Issues is Wynn Wagner’s third book I’ve read. The first I liked a lot while the second didn’t work for me. Although I really want to like CI, it falls too close to the second and not enough of the humor and charm of the first. There is a definite style to Wagner’s writing that will appeal or not appeal to readers so this author may not be for everyone. The story also tends to repeat information often and add in lengthy asides while the main plot wanders all over the place. On the positive side there is a lot of humor and the story is very funny in the few places it doesn’t try so hard. Unfortunately it couldn’t keep my attention and I came close to giving up. Continue reading

Review: Obscurati

Obscurati (Vamp Camp, #2)Obscurati by Wynn Wagner
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

While I quite enjoyed Vamp Camp #1, the sequel didn’t have the same entertainment factor for me. The characters are amusing with the same dry wit and tendency to tell the reader the story but unfortunately the plot meanders back and forth with no real tension and no strong purpose. Instead this feels like a bunch of scenes thrown together with the right elements: sex, romance, blood, vampires, wealth, power, fights, secret councils, and even death of major characters but it doesn’t come together in a cohesive, interesting narrative. Continue reading