Any Excuse by Acer Adamson

  Any Excuse by Acer Adamson


In this follow-up to "Only Words," author Acer Adamson gives us another glimpse at the complicated lives of Detective Maxwell Fielding and his beautiful cross-dressing lover, Skyler Trent. The police department is honoring Max for performing above and beyond the call of duty, and Max has asked Skyler to accompany him to the awards banquet—a huge step for both of them. Nervous about how the unconventional manner in which Skyler dresses will be received by a hotel ballroom full of cops, the press, and the city’s highest elected officials, Max is in for a bigger surprise than he bargained for, and Skyler doesn’t disappoint.




Back to the world of Skyler and Max and what a delightful world that is. When we’re first introduced to this couple in “Only Words,” they’ve only been dating a few months and Max struggles with both his sexuality and Skyler’s rather unique nature. Although clearly the chemistry between these two sparks hotly, there are some significant problems they must address which are left hanging with the thread of hope at the ending of the last look at the couple.

Here in “Any Excuse”, it is some interminable time later and Max is accepting an award. Clearly some significant time has passed, as this look into the men’s relationship is very different from the first glimpse in the previous book. Max has matured significantly in his ability to handle co-workers, recognition of his own sexuality, and most of all his acceptance of Skyler’s cross-dressing and appearance. Since these stories are very short scenes that are clearly not presented in a linear format, much of the character’s progression and the relationship’s maturation take place off-page; leaving the reader with only the glimpse of a scene here and there to tantalize and tease.

However, even with the lack of such depth offered these short stories and “Any Excuse” in particular still delight. Skylar is wonderful again with his steadfast support and keen insight, while not without his own flaws. Max is equally fun in an entirely opposite personality as he accepts Skylar as he is and not as Max chooses to believe. A refreshing twist in the up to then straight Max is the scene where Max explains his sexuality and clarifies that he is not “gay for Skylar”. Not only does Max not fall into this classic stereotype, he articulates quite clearly his reasoning.

The obvious progression of the relationship made this second offering a bit out of place and at the same time fits well with the progression of the short stories. A dichotomy for sure and perhaps an explanation in the future of where the couple stands as a third story is planned would help. I’d hate to read in the first sentence they somehow were married and adopted a child when last we read they were discussing cohabitation. Either way, this short series is a delightful and fun read featuring characters often not depicted which makes it even more alluring. I can’t wait for the next one honestly. 

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3 thoughts on “Any Excuse by Acer Adamson

  1. This sounds really unusual! I don’t think we get many stories about transvestites in this genre. How would you classify this story? Comedy? Mystery because Max is a detective? Contemporary romance? It sounds like it could be all of the above with emphasis on comedy.

    • Well Max is a detective and Skylar is a dress maker but neither really impact the story. It’s mostly contemp romance as it focuses on their relationship. Due to the short story length, it’s really just a snapshot of these two and their interactions. Start with “Only Words” and if you like that, move on.
      You might like these books for their novelty factor if nothing else. But the characters are well-written which always helps.

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