Tinseltown Blues, #1: All That Glitters by Acer Adamson

Tinseltown Blues, #1: All That Glitters by Acer Adamson

The Blurb:

Everyone knows all that glitters is not gold and in Hollywood that couldn’t be more true.  

For screen star Harley Sheffield, the constant sparkle of champagne bubbles and flash of the media’s cameras are made bearable by only one thing—his older brother, Trey. Unfortunately, in a world where a celebrity’s life is held under continual, microscopic scrutiny, Trey is increasingly uncomfortable with their illicit affair and leaves for six months to search his soul for answers. 

When the need to see Harley becomes overwhelming and Trey returns home, Harley gives him the night to decide what is more important: avoiding the cold glare of Tinseltown and the risk of being discovered, or once again knowing the warmth of his brother’s love.


when only your brother’s ass will do…

Any Excuse by Acer Adamson

  Any Excuse by Acer Adamson


In this follow-up to "Only Words," author Acer Adamson gives us another glimpse at the complicated lives of Detective Maxwell Fielding and his beautiful cross-dressing lover, Skyler Trent. The police department is honoring Max for performing above and beyond the call of duty, and Max has asked Skyler to accompany him to the awards banquet—a huge step for both of them. Nervous about how the unconventional manner in which Skyler dresses will be received by a hotel ballroom full of cops, the press, and the city’s highest elected officials, Max is in for a bigger surprise than he bargained for, and Skyler doesn’t disappoint.



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Review: Only Words

Only WordsOnly Words by Acer Adamson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This short story is really just a few scenes put together that gives a glimpse into the relationship between two complete opposites. The context to their relationship and background on both the men is missing which makes this both a fun short story and an incomplete look. Due to the feeling of being dropped into the middle of the book, it is almost as if this is more of a day in the life of Max than a fully realized story, but that doesn’t take away from the enjoyment of the characters and their interaction. Even within a few short pages the characters come alive with energy and vitality with a concise prose without embellishment or errors.

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