New Rainbow Reviews

 New Rainbow Reviews! This was an interesting week that was up and down with some new and familiar authors. I’ve been disappointed lately with the quality of Sean Michael’s work. I realize the irony of the statement, believe me, but we all have our guilty pleasure reading and SM was mine. Lately though and by this I mean the last six months especially I felt there was no thought or effort into the books, which is unfortunate. I’m not sure if I’ll continue to chance on the work under his pseudonym.

But on the good side is the lovely fantasy of Willa Okati’s story and the truly random and hilarious All About Sex. You must read that book. I could only give it 4 stars because it was so entirely random but it’s worth reading and utterly hysterical.

All About Sex by Jay Mandal

Almost Human by M. King

Bases Loaded by Sean Michael

Sex & Chocolate by Reese Johnson

Wet Skin by Kris Jacen (editor)

Wild Hunt by Willa Okati

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