Pottery Peter by Rick Reed

Pottery Peter by Rick Reed

Josh, between his freshman and sophomore years of college, gets a job at the pottery, a place where sweaty men dressed in sleeveless T-shirts, with biceps glistening and bulging, hoist heavy molds and liquid clay.

For Josh, it’s an eye-opening summer, building his own muscles and falling in love for the very first time. But falling in love is never uncomplicated, especially when two hot men have caught Josh’s eye. Which one of them will claim Josh’s virgin territory? Will it be Dale, the heavy-metal blond God with the tattoos and rough demeanor? Or will Kevin, Josh’s beefy, red-haired Irish boss, steal his heart, along with a few other parts further south?

Come along for a ride during one long, hot summer where the job benefits for an aroused young man are way more than what Human Resources promised!


[Naked chest cover streak alive and strong!]


Who knew Rick Reed could write pure porn? He has written the classic pure porn without a plot story that spans a mere 20 pages, 6k words to be precise. This is a short story meant to entertain and titillate (I think) and full of raunchy, outrageous sex. It’s partly tongue in cheek – and yes that does apply to every conceivable use of that phrase – partly humorous and completely outrageous. Reed has even made up a few new porn terms. There is not much depth to this book, besides the obvious.

Considering the author wrote this purely to entertain with hilarious turn of phrases, descriptions, and love poles, there is not much for me to really analyze or talk about. This particular story didn’t appeal to me but far be it for me to judge what another person may enjoy in the porn variety. I do realize some don’t appreciate incestuous tentacle porn (plebeians) so I’ll just add a few quotes here and if this seems like your kind of fun, go for it. It’s at a cheap price for a couple of bucks so if you like the quotes and want the story for some fun with your favorite toy, enjoy.


I gobbled him, my spit leaking out of my mouth to cover his shaft and balls. I could hear his breath quickening and his balls drawing up closer to his body. I shut my eyes, wanting whatever he would give me, burying my face in the fiery curls of his bush. He grunted and pumped my mouth full of hot cum. I could barely breathe—let alone swallow—as his cock spit out what seemed like an unending load. Oh my God, I thought—greedily gulping down his cream and savoring its starchy taste—this is what I’ve always wanted.

“If I’m not careful, I’m gonna shoot down that college boy throat…and I can think of a lot better place for my scum.” He pulled his dick out of my mouth and I reached out for one final taste.

Dale threw my legs in the air and spit on my asshole. His dick was already dripping with his pre-cum and my spit. He poised the head of his dick against my sphincter, then slowly shoved in, deeper and deeper, invading that dark, dank manly hole.

I felt the cum building in my balls. I shut my eyes and bit my lip, willing it not to happen. But in seconds, without even touching myself, I felt the first hot splash of splounge on my chin, then my neck, then all over my chest.

I looked up and saw Kevin’s ass, open and spilling some of Dale’s seed. I put my mouth to that just-fucked asshole and sucked out a taste of Dale’s sweet nectar. Then I stood, turned, and kissed him.

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