Knight & Dave by G.S. Wiley

Knight & Dave by G.S. Wiley


Stuart Knight, a sophisticated professional, is having a bad day. He’s got an important business deal pending, a dead mobile phone, a wrecked Mercedes, a blood-stained trench coat, and he’s stuck in Wales. Can it get worse? When a man arrives on the scene, Knight is just sure he’ll be a backwoods rube. But Dave Owens shows Knight that there’s another side to life.


GS Wiley has yet to write a story I didn’t like. It’s weird, I know I’ll like the story but I keep wondering if the next will the bump in the road. Can anyone have such a long track record without any mistakes? I wonder if it’s the short story format. We’ll see when I read her longer novella, The Nest, sometime in the next century. I’m a little behind on my TBR. But back to the matter at hand, a sweet and lovely story about instant attraction in the most unlikely of places.

The blurb covers the basics and this is somewhat of an opposites attract theme, yet it goes beyond that. At the core this is really the introduction of two men who dance carefully around each other with flirtation and cautious overtures. Perhaps they will never actually sustain a relationship or an acquaintance beyond getting together a time or two. Perhaps there really is nothing in common except sexual chemistry and mutual attraction. Or perhaps there is something deeper that will develop and be nurtured between the men. I love that the author allows all of those questions to hang within the story and never provides answers.

The men are somewhat flat, given there is not much to either one beyond the basics of their personality. It’s enough to garner interest and create a tension but not enough to fully engage. The men don’t fall immediately into bed together, nor do they assume the other is receptive. There is careful wording and phrasing which gives a familiar and lovely feel to their beginning. Due to the differences in personality and temperament, I’d love to see if the author ever revisits this couple.

For a lovely beginning and a typical Wiley ending which is never what you ask for, but always fitting check out her latest short story. It’ll wet your appetite for more.

Get it HERE!

2 thoughts on “Knight & Dave by G.S. Wiley

  1. If you’re really looking for something of mine to hate, check out “All I Want for Christmas” in the “Down the Chimney” anthology. No one liked that. “Reconstruction” also got mixed reviews, but that was the first thing I ever had accepted for publication, so I’m willing to cut myself a little slack. 🙂
    I hope you like “The Nest.” Just be aware there’s no sex and not a lot of traditional romance (even though it’s rated explicit at All Romance Ebooks.) This seems to be upsetting some people.

    • *laughs* You crack me up. I don’t want to hate anything of yours! Now I’ll have to read those just to see what I think and I’m looking forward to the Nest. Given your track record with off the page erotica, I would be surprised if there were explicit scenes. But I’ll remember the warning.

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