New Rainbow Reviews


 New Rainbow Reviews up this week. I had the privilege of reading some really unique and outstanding stories this past week. They all were highly reviewed, which is a rare week for me. If you only read one from this list – and really you should read them all – read Drag Queen in the Court of Death. I’ve bought three paperback copies (with the old cover) to pass out to friends. The new cover makes me cringe and thankfully I found sellers with the old cover, I hope there were no new edits.

Anyway, for something absurdly different check out the Androgynous Murder House Party. I’d love to talk to someone who read it and compare notes. Anyone who thinks they’re especially clever in figuring out details in mystery stories, try this one and then tell me about it, please!

For a wonderfully sweet romance that spans 2000 years with some great humor, The Rest of Our Lives fills that without any explicit sex even. Shocking, but possible.

Of course I had to get my smut in and read a hilarious Yaoi book where the boy has a self lubricating ass. I kid you not. The visual images totally grossed me out. I’m debating sharing with the world.


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