New Rainbow Reviews

 Another Monday, more rainbow reviews. I think most everything scored well, except the all porn sip but I’d read those stories in their original anthology. Anyone else notice Torquere putting out a ton of stories that recently appeared elsewhere? Mostly re-publishing anthology stories. Not to mention recent mistakes. I accepted a sip for review because there was no mention of a chick in it only to find one later on. Should sort of state that clearly up front, so be careful readers of what you’re buying over there. Let’s hope it’s a just a phase, otherwise sloppy handling is never good.

Anyway, onto the reviews! Good week and I was lucky to review Icarus, the sci-fi magazine. The fabulous Val of Obsidian Bookshelf has a great review in the issue so be sure to check it out.


Blue Fire by Z.A. Maxfield  

Dark Heart by Thom Lane

Dreaming in Color by Cameron Dane

Icarus: Issue 1 by Steve Berman (editor)

The Bones of Summer by Anne Brooke

Two Games by C.B. Potts (editor)

3 thoughts on “New Rainbow Reviews

  1. Dear Kassa11 – thanks so much for reading The Bones of Summer and I’m very grateful indeed for the review. I so loved writing those two men!
    All good wishes
    Anne B

    • Hi there!
      I really enjoyed Bones (obviously) and have the first book to crack into. I can’t wait. I was worried you were going to jump the shark at the end but so impressed you pulled it off. It was a tough thing to do and you did well, so thank you!

      • Thanks, Kassa – again! Hope you enjoy Maloney’s Law too – some people do find that one tricky as Paul is so terribly screwed up during it – for valid reasons, I hasten to add.

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