Screen Shots: Seduced by Willa Okati

Screen Shots: Seduced by Willa Okati



What’s a guy supposed to do when his best friend since freshman year decides he wants to go get his freak on and get paid for it by an amateur gay porn studio? Confused by the changes in his absentminded buddy Cody, Aaron decides to check the place out for himself. is nothing like Aaron thought it’d be. Professionally run and staffed by friendly, personable — and hot — talent, it’s a heck of a temptation even for someone who’s never thought about getting down with a guy before. Trouble is, Aaron finds he likes the action more than he thought he would — and he’s starting to see Cody in an entirely different light. What’s a guy supposed to do now?



I can’t wait to read more of Okati’s new series about a gay porn company. The first book, Seduced, sets the scene and hopefully the subsequent books will concentrate more on the connection between the various men as this short story introduced the company and characters while focusing on the first couple. The ending was not completely satisfying, emotionally or romantically, but the series promises to be delightful and entertaining. is a gay porn company but is filled with men who care and potentially love each other. The men are there for the money but love the sex and develop emotional relationships independent of the hot sex that goes on in front of the camera. In the first installment, Cody decides he’s bi-curious and that’s enough to get involved in the gay porn industry. He wasn’t prepared to enjoy it as much as he does and furthermore to feel a connection and camaraderie with the other men. Now his best friend and roommate, Aaron, doesn’t want to be left behind and auditions for the company as well. 

The relationship between Cody and Aaron is decent but not completely successful or satisfying. The story is told in third person from Aaron’s point of view and follows his struggles with Cody’s new job and friends. Aaron is accepted by the men but is confused over his sudden desire for men and Cody in particular. Cody, for his part, experiences little in the way of angst or indecision. Instead, he thrives in the new atmosphere and throws himself into the men and sex with abandon.

Part of this is why the emotional connection between Cody and Aaron fell flat. While clearly these two best friends love each other and will always have a closer relationship, the acceptance of their love was casual and offhand. The resolution to their minor tension was anti-climatic and almost unimportant. There was no commitment and both men seemed more interested in the growing attachment to the other men than each other, which was slightly bothersome. This may be a personal preference so others may not be as bothered.

Either way, the intriguing premise and various characters are engaging and entertaining, creating a very fun and sexy story. I can’t wait to see how the other characters pair off or develop relationships within this bond of brotherhood and sex. The friendship and casual affection the men display for each other is addictive and the real strength of the story. Even the token female is used wisely, just enough to set the scene and keep the story moving but never intrusive and often little seen to focus on the men.

There is several tongue in cheek references and comments from beginning to end that give the story, and likely subsequent books, a light hearted and humorous edge. The author seems to be poking fun at the porn industry and making it entertaining and sexy with an interesting cast of characters. Clearly some of these men will end up in lasting relationships but the path to that promises to be full of hot sex, witty dialogue and funny situations. You’ll want to follow the journey.

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