Contest! Free Stuff!

Hi all! 

Are you excited? It’s my first contest! Yea yea, but it is and it’s for a book I really enjoyed reading. So you’ll want it too of course. *noddles*

I recently was offered the book The Protector by NL Gassert to read for review. This fabulous book is a Lambda Literary Award finalist in Best Gay Romance category. Although I know nothing about awards and such, having read the book, I can say any recognition is well deserved. Although initially released only in print, the publisher Seventh Window, has recently issued an eBook copy.

In a great show of generosity, the author has been wonderfully giving away free copies here, there, and everywhere! So if you missed your chance to get this book, here is one more chance. NL Gassert has offered a free e-copy of her book The Protector and I’m giving it away over Twitter.  (I just thought that’d be fun :D).

So to enter to win your free copy, either post on this thread or RT on twitter the following message:

RT @kassa_11 to enter for a chance to win a free e-copy of @nlgassert great book "The Protector". Winner chosen Monday Night!

Be sure to add the @kassa_11 so I can see your tweet.  Everyone that tweets and posts will be entered and one random winner will be drawn Monday Night. A little Monday blues pick me up for everyone hating on the new work week. It’s my first contest so hopefully it’ll go well and promote a great book. So go tweet! It’s free!

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