New Rainbow Reviews

Another week, another RR round up! I had a pretty good week with books last week and had two, TWO M. Jules Aedin. Poor author got both new books reviewed by me so be sure to go out and buy the books. They’re both really good.  Also might consider checking out the mystery by Abigail Roux. One of the best twists I’ve read in a mystery. And of course the bittersweet short by JM Snyder about “cutting.”  It was a good week!

Afflicted by J.M. Snyder

Every Good Thing by M. Jules Aedin  

My Brother’s Keeper by Abigail Roux

Pirates Do It With Passion by Mimi Riser

The Palace of Varieties by James Lear


In other news, there is still time to enter the contest for a free copy NL Gassert’s book “The Protector.” The details are in the post below and you can either post or tweet to get entered. I’ve had a really strong response, more than I expected, so thank you to everyone so far! A winner will randomly be drawn tonight.

I also caved and joined Good Reads like a good lemming. Over on Kris ‘n Good Books there is extensive discussion on ratings (which I’ve likely done wrong) and friend etiquette (also likely to offend). If you’re new to good reads or thinking about, the unofficial guide seems to be there. 

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