Playing The Field: Served! By J.M. Snyder

Playing The Field: Served! By J.M. Snyder


Colby Johnson and his cousin Megan have been practicing all summer for Wildwood’s annual Beach Volleyball Tournament. The evening before, Colby drops by the bar where Megan works for a quick drink before heading home and meets sexy Vander “Van” Byron. The instant attraction is mutual, but they share only a few brief hours before Colby has to call it a night.

The next day, Colby and Megan are on a winning streak, advancing through the tournament ranks with ease. When Colby runs into Van and his twin sister Vallery at the tournament, he isn’t surprised—more than half of Wildwood’s population, tourist and local alike, are crowded on the beach for the event. But he is shocked to see the numbered vest Van wears, marking him as a competitor.

A quick look at the schedule shows that if both teams continue their winning streaks, the day will end with Colby and Van facing off through the volleyball net. To up the ante, Van proposes a little wager. Whoever wins their game advances in the tournament, of course, and continues on for a chance to win one of the grand prizes the next day, but whoever loses gets whatever he wants from the winner…




The fourth book in the JM Snyder’s Playing the Field series is another fun and sexy novella. This series are stand-alone books involving different sports for each book. There is the author’s trademark wit and humor evident in entertaining dialogue and affectations that elevate the pure fun of the short story.  These are not always happy ever after endings with lasting love but some are short flings with two hot, sexy guys with some sports thrown in for flavor. Although there is not depth to these stories, they are always a lot of fun to read and perfect for light summer reading.

Here Colby is unwinding after a long day of enticing tourists to throw hacky sacks into a bowl for a dollar prize. As he has a big volleyball tournament the next day, he’s not looking for a hookup but can’t resist flirting with a tall, handsome, and sexy out of town visitor. Although both are hungry for more, Colby has to play the next day so their first “date” is cut short. The promise for more exists as they meet the next day on the court and decide to add a sexy little incentive to their game.

This short and fun flirtation doesn’t delve into the characters much but offers a delicious summer flavor. The characters of Colby and Van are both sexy and very masculine. The type of young men who aren’t worried about the future yet but indulge in their love of summer, sports, and sun with the occasional hookup. The chemistry and flirtation is electric and the story keeps a nice balance of not quite giving into that lust but keeping the tension stretched tight. Although these two aren’t looking for a happy ending, there is always a possibility for more which makes their interaction more interesting than strangers meeting to scratch an itch.

The secondary characters of Van’s twin sister Vallery and Colby’s cousin Megan are fun as they are annoyed with the walking hormones of their respective tournament partners. The story is short enough that the antics of the women aren’t annoying and it’s easy to relate to their annoyance while enjoying the sexual flirtation of the men.  The dialogue and background of the volleyball tournament bring to life a hot summer day filled with spectators as the men unobtrusively grope and fondle while trying to distract each other. The numerous details added really add a depth and flavor that is often ignored in short stories in favor of adding more sex. Here the sensuality and flirting continue to ratchet the tension higher and higher until the last satisfying scene.

Although I think my favorite of the series so far is Play On, the soccer themed novella, this new installment is fun and highly enjoyable. The dialogue and setting are rich and wonderful, offering a texture not often found in shorter stories. If you’re looking for a quick, hot summer read, be sure to check this out. You don’t need to have read the previous stories to understand this one, there are no continued characters so go ahead and indulge in some summer smexing. Two hot guys, suntan oil, and a rocking jeep – what more could you want? 

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