New Rainbow Reviews

 Hi all! Sorry about the no posts – been away and am back, exhausted but good. I love gamer weekend. Nothing like 20,000 geeks that adore and worship video games as if they were the secret to life. The more hardcore the better – plus where else can a gamer VP talk like a bad ass rocker but yet is still so very painfully a gamer geek. Sorry guy – all the bling and talk in the world won’t change he’s still the biggest geek I’ve ever encountered.  Probably more so since he tries to be a rocker. 

Anyway! But enough about that onto the reviews. I read a ton over the weekend, traveling always does that. I read the young adult Mask triology (yes all 3) in a row, as well as a bunch of other books. Some will get reviews when I can remember what they were about and others don’t fall into the genre reviewed here. (Good Omens – hilarious).

Due to my being away I didn’t get many reviews out for RR, here are the lone two:  

Beautiful Boys by Anne Cain

Ganymede Poets, One by John Stahle (editor)

More to come! I’m backed up on reviews as is, now with all these new ones. I promise I’ll get to them all eventually.

6 thoughts on “New Rainbow Reviews

    • Yes! I’m a big Neil Gaiman fan but somehow Good Omens slipped through the cracks when I was reading his backlist. A friend of mine practically disowned me when he realized I hadn’t read it so I remedied that immediately. Truly a great book and it’s high on the keeper shelf. Not to cast any clouds on the brilliance of “The Graveyard Book” which richly deserved its Hugo – but I humbly think Good Omens is almost better.

  1. Kassa
    I’m also behind the eight ball on this one. Haven’t read it even though I’m a Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman fan. Guess I’d better get cracking soon. Looking forward to reading your new reviews.:)

    • I can suggest the book, hehe, it’s really wonderful. I’m so behind in reviews. I counted that I have something like 12 to post. Since I try to only post once a day, that’ll be forever!

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