New Rainbow Reviews and Contest!

 New Rainbow Reviews! I’ve been so busy I just haven’t read/reviewed as much lately but here are the few I do have to offer:


Memory of Darkness by P.A. Brown

Taste Test: Alberta Bound by G.S. Wiley

Snow Bunny by Vic Winter

Three Wrong Turns in the Desert by Neil Plakcy


In other news, the first day of the contest got off to a bang! For a Sunday, I was worried there wouldn’t be a lot of entries but I was pleasantly surprised!


For Monday’s Drawing we have:


Masks: Rise of Heroes by Hayden Thorne




Strange things are happening in Vintage City, and high school goth boy Eric seems to be right in the middle of them. There’s a new villain in town, one with super powers, and he’s wreaking havoc on the town and on Eric’s life. The new superhero who springs up to defend Vintage City is almost as bad, making Eric all hot and bothered, enough so that he almost misses the love that’s right under his nose.

Peter is Eric’s best friend, and even if he does seem to be hiding something most of the time, he finds a way to show Eric how he feels in between attacks. The two boys decide to start dating, much to the chagrin of their other best buddy, Althea, who has a terrible crush on Peter, and a secret or two of her own to keep.

As the fight between the villain, known as the Devil’s Trill, and superhero Magnifiman picks up, Eric’s relationship with Peter almost ends before it begins. When the Trill takes an interest in Eric, can he and his friends figure out the villain’s plan in time?



This is the first in the series, so start now! A great, entertaining story with a lot of humor and fun. The usual rules apply!


Ways to enter for a FREE e-book of this great novel!

        leave a comment with an email address

        email me at

        RT on Twitter the following: RT @kassa_11 to enter for a chance to win a free e-copy of Hayden Thorne’s Masks: Rise of Heroes


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