Jet Mykles’s Just for You

Just for You by Jet Mykles


Justin falls for Kevin the instant they pass each other on a sidewalk. Only, Kevin’s not gay. The higher ups at Kevin’s company are gay, however, and Kevin’s accidental meeting with Justin gives him an idea how to get around his controlling female supervisor. If he can gain access to the top men at an exclusive gay club, he might be able to finally share his ideas.

Justin instantly agrees to be his date, despite the obvious heartbreak that’s headed his way for going out with a straight man. At the club, Kevin gets a chance to meet the company owner, Victor Chen, and the man seems interested… both in his ideas and his date.

Kevin can’t deny his attraction to Justin, but he’s not gay. Right? He should step aside and let Justin have a chance to date Victor, who’s gorgeous, rich, and shares Justin’s interest in fashion. Despite his internal struggles, he really wants to explore their growing bond. Justin is certainly game, but a part of him knows they can’t have a future together…can they?


[I love PL Nunn’s work.]



This is a cute, fun, flirty and easy story with a classic gay for you main character, a self-esteem crisis and some over the top stereotypes. Adding to the mix is Mykles’ great prose and way with characters and this story may be full of clichés and some outrageous elements but it’s delightful and entertaining to read. Mykles has a way with characters and stories that inject humor into what could otherwise be ridiculous. Fans of the author will definitely want to check out this offering just as those readers looking for something light and quick will devour this story in one sitting.


The story starts off with a bang when flamboyant clothier Justin sees the man of his dreams on the sidewalk. Chasing down his prince charming Justin is heartbroken to learn that Kevin is sadly not gay but Justin can’t help offering his name just in case Kevin changes his mind. As luck would have it, Kevin suddenly needs to pretend to be gay to advance at work and Justin comes in very handy. What starts as a ruse soon becomes more as Kevin realizes he just may be gay for the right man.


Justin may be a stereotype gay man but he’s hilarious, entertaining, and thoroughly absorbing. His initial over the top personality soon shows more depth as he struggles with letting his heart run away to a straight man. Justin shows an ease and confidence that contrasts starkly with Kevin’s mess of confusion, fear, and insecurity. Justin’s few moments of doubt are heartfelt and create a solid characterization that extends beyond the classic fashion obsessed outline. Similarly Kevin shows refreshing delight in his ease in accepting his desire and feelings for Justin. Kevin doesn’t agonize about suddenly wanting and caring for a man, instead Kevin wonders why Justin would want him over a more attractive, more successful confident gay man. The nice change to this crisis of self confidence is that the scenes felt honest and would have happened even if Justin was female. Kevin needed to gain security and appreciation for himself, regardless of his partner’s gender.


The plot itself bounces around some with the emphasis first on Kevin breaking into the upper ranks at work in their gay men’s club but then evolves into the head of the company aggressively pursuing Justin. The main conflict comes with Kevin’s passive nature and Victor’s pursuit. The various secondary characters are fun and especially the little seen Frank and Glenn/Rachel. All three of these were interesting and entertaining, more so than the outrageous cliché of Luis and Kat, so the only complaint would be too little was seen of these great characters. Other than this, the story is meant to be humorous and light, not taking each element too seriously and injecting an element of fun which lets the reader laugh at the ridiculous antics. The quick pace, engaging prose, and solid writing creates a winning offering you won’t want to miss. 

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