Divas Las Vegas by Rob Rosen

Divas Las Vegas by Rob Rosen

What happens when you find out that Grandma’s vase mistakenly sold at a yard sale is worth tens of thousands of dollars ~ and somebody else is about to cash in on it on Antiques Roadshow? Of course, you hop on a plane with your best friend and race off to Las Vegas to get Grandma’s vase back! Filled with action and suspense, hunky blackjack dealers, divine drag queens, strange sex, and sex in strange places, plus a Federal agent or two, Divas Las Vegas puts the sin in Sin City. "Divas Las Vegas" is a fun, new take on the murder mystery genre.

[This review was originally done for Rainbow Reviews. I’m also not sure about that cover. I don’t know if I love it or am scared of it.]

Divas Las Vegas is one of the best shows you’ll get in Vegas. This hilarious and entertaining romp shines with wonderful characters and a vivid city backdrop. The witty narrator will carries off the outrageous tale with the perfect amount of drug induced elegance, laugh out loud observations, and a flair even Liberace would envy. No subject is off limits and no action too over the top for this story, which will have readers wondering where the adventure can possibly go next. Fans of the author and newcomers alike will devour this offering and ask for more.

Recently jobless “Em” is drowning his job sorrows in a pint of ice cream with a side of Antiques Roadshow when he recognizes his grandmother’s vase, which his mother sold at a garage sale she’s regretted ever since. With his severance pay burning a hole in his pocket, Em enlists the help of his wealthy but slutty and bored friend Justin to help him find the vase. What follows is an adventure no one could be prepared for, least of all Las Vegas and its residents.

The story is narrated from Em’s first person perspective and reflects his personality wonderfully. Right from the beginning scene of Em hiding in a closet in a fabulous pair of silk Armani undies, Em sets the tone of the story with his flair for dramatics and style with an attention span shorter than a gnat. Thus the story seems to jump around from detail to detail, past memories to current activities including a visual tour of Las Vegas all while keeping the action and adventure fast and furious. The best a reader can do is sit back and enjoy the ride because trying to predict or guess the future won’t work for this story.

The writing is full of humor and whimsy with a deft touch to detail. The setting of Las Vegas comes alive with intimate knowledge down to the slot machines in each casino and where to get the best hot dog. Readers will feel as though they are breathing the desert air and ensconced in the lush, glitzy casinos while delighting in the outrageous antics of the characters. From the recreational drug use to sad drag queens and a slew of slutty, sexy men, the laugh out loud moments are too many to count. If anything, the gags try to top each other too much and lose some of their pizazz when packed so tightly with bigger and better antics. However, the inherent charm of the narrator and the cast will smooth over any rough spots in the book.

The actual mystery is hilarious, complicated, and very well written. Em’s search for the vase leads him and Justin into peril, murder, car chases, FBI agents, drag undercover assignments, and badges in unique places. The crisp dialogue and solid prose keep the pace fast yet interesting and never overwhelming. The action is balanced with shopping trips and visual tours of Vegas that keep the pace even. Rosen’s unique style of writing shines in a plot that could overwhelm the reader with the antics and characters, but instead fascinates with glamor and allure. Be sure to pick up this whimsical delight today.

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4 thoughts on “Divas Las Vegas by Rob Rosen

  1. Great review, Kassa! This book sounds like a lot of fun. A vivid setting makes all the difference — especially Vegas which almost demands an in-depth level of detail. And we readers of m/m almost never get a vivid setting. I’ve lost track of all the stories I’ve read where we’re never even told the name of the place and it’s sort of a generic “everytown”. Thanks for bringing this one to my attention.

    • This book is a lot of fun. The humor and over the top gags are meant to delight while taking the reader on a book tour of Vegas. Having been to Vegas, the descriptions are incredibly accurate and show a definite “insiders guide” to the city.
      I enjoy more vivid settings than a bland anything city but even when settings are named – like LA or New York or w/e – they often lack the spark and detail that shows the author intimately knows that city and conveys it well. Here Rob Rosen joins his great writing with a fabulous setting.
      If you’re in the mood for something outrageous and fun, you may like this.

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