Black Wade: The Wild Side of Love by Franze and Andärle

Black Wade: The Wild Side of Love by Franze and Andärle

The rough and merciless pirate Black Wade and his band are the scare of the seven seas. And just like his greed for gold is insatiable, his sexual craving knows no boundaries as well: When they board a British ship, Wade takes Lieutenant Jack Wilkins as a prisoner to satisfy his lust. At first Wilkins struggles with all his might, but soon he has to acknowledge that he actually has pleasure in the eager sexual encounters with the handsome pirate. In the meantime his fiancée Annabeth is waiting wistfully for the return of Jack, not knowing if he’s still alive. And on the pirate ship emotions are running high as well: Buccaneer Marak keeps a jealous watch over the prisoner Jack. He would love to polish Wade’s gun barrel himself. Due to the rising nervousness Wade realizes that he cannot allow himself the tender feelings he begins to have for Jack. To prove how merciless he is, he maroons Jack on a raft and relinquishes him to the forces of the wide ocean. But that’s nowhere near the end of the story…


You’d have to be living under a pebble not to have heard of the latest craze moving around the m/m blogsphere. I believe Sarah started it with a raving review and the artwork she depicted speaks for itself. Kris continued the craze and from there others have definitely agreed.

The story is brief, just 70 pages or so, but really you’re not buying this for the story. You’re buying this (yes yes go now) for the stunning and fabulous artwork. The details are eye catching and the colors cause the panels to leap off the pages. You’ll read this over and over again, with thankfully thick, lamented pages for some of you (Yaoi Review, I mean you).

The characters have surprising tension and the story is pretty fun. Considering I bought this book for the artwork and not necessarily for the pirate/captive story, I was very pleasantly surprised that I got into the story as well. There are some non-con scenes – after all the captive falls in love with the pirate’s dick first and then the man himself – but as a comic, this shouldn’t bother most. And there are a lot of hard cocks on display to soothe any hurt feelings. There are secondary characters and a great editorial at the back giving more description to each which makes this a steal at $20.

My only complaint is that some of the pictures were too dark. It fits the mood of the scene and the details still sparkle, but one or two panels I squinted at and wanted more brightness to the image. However, this is an incredibly minor point and really any lover of great art will adore this story. There’s nothing much I can add to the praise gone ‘round the internet but I figure I can add another panel to the group to perhaps entice you further to buy it.

Just think 88 pages of this –


Buy it!
There’s also a flip through on that link so you can see more.

On a side note – I bought my copy from Book Depository when Amazon backordered it indefinitely. Even though BD is an overseas company, they offered free shipping and a discount so it was actually cheaper than Amazon. It took about 8 days from order to receiving the book so I can’t complain at all. I just wish I’d gone there first instead of dicking around with Amazon for so long.

5 thoughts on “Black Wade: The Wild Side of Love by Franze and Andärle

    • Ooo great! I love to look at this book really more than read it *cough* guilty pleasure except I can’t say I actually feel guilty. I’m glad you had a chance to enjoy it too!

  1. I am so glad you enjoyed this!! The boys did a great job and I really do hope they do more. Not sure it will be more pirate booty, but they’re so talented and I love they style. I’d pretty much read anything they did!

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