A Dangerous Man by Anne Brooke

A Dangerous Man
Title: A Dangerous Man
Author: Anne Brooke
Publisher: Bristlecone Pine Press (ecopy) and Cheyenne Publishing (paperback)
Length: Novel / 250 pgs
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Michael Jones, a young gay artist and part-time prostitute will do anything to stage his first exhibition. When he falls in love with rich financier, Jack Hutchinson, he seems set to achieve his […]


After finishing A Dangerous Man I’m incredibly impressed with Brooke’s ability to evoke emotion, tension, angst, and mystery. This novel is a compelling story that left me breathless, heart broken, and depressed. I’m glad I could experience the author’s incredible talent yet I wish I’d never read this either. I can easily recommend the story but with the caveat that it’s not easy and definitely no happy ending, yet the brilliance of the writing is something to experience.[…]

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