Author Fan Letter Blog Crawl – 2011

It’s here! The Author Fan Letter Blog Crawl list!
I think all the details have been taken care of and everyone is set (though this is subject to last minute change as always) but generally this should be the list with the dates and sites.

A huge thank you to Rikki who made up this year’s button. Everyone is free to use it as they will (though it’s not mandatory that it’s used).

Anyway here we go! Be sure to start with the epic Kris on her blog, gods only know what and who she’ll write to.
June 1st (letter to Georgette Heyer with cleverly hidden ode to Sir Terry)

June 6th Swept Away Again (Letter to Nora Roberts)
June 9th (Letter to Nalini Signh)
June 13th My Friend Amy (Letter to Courtney Summers)
June 14th Tam’s Reads (Letter to Tanya Huff)
June 18th Smexy Books (Letter to Marie Sexton)
June 22nd (Letter to Larissa Ione)
July 5th A Buckeye Girl Reads (Letter to Johanna Lindsey)
July 6th (Letter to
July 7th (Letter to

18 thoughts on “Author Fan Letter Blog Crawl – 2011

  1. Tam says:

    Thank god I have time yet. I think I was near the front last time. But of course it will be upon me before I know it an I’ll be all freaked out and panicking. At least I’m consistent.

    Thanks again Kassa for taking this on. You’re a champ.

  2. I think I’ll just follow a recent literary trend & just copy & paste Kris’s, change the names a little & no-one will ever know.

  3. This is such a great idea! I am absolutely loving the letters so far. I wish I’d know about it in time to take part, but I’ll be keeping my eyes open for next year.

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