Author Fan Letter Blog Crawl – the last one!

It’s finally my turn to wrap up this month (plus) long blog crawl. It’s been incredible so far with so many wonderful authors highlighted and if you’ve been anything like me your wallet may not have appreciated this so much. If you’ve missed any letters, I’ll be doing a wrap up tomorrow or you can go backwards from me to Marie Sexton and so on!

I waffled over whom to write to, there are so many deserving authors. So many books that touched me or slid permanently onto the keeper shelf, it’s so hard to choose. In the end it was surprisingly easy as I looked over to my “new” keeper shelf and one author leapt out numerous times.

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Author Fan Letter Blog Crawl – 2011

It’s here! The Author Fan Letter Blog Crawl list!
I think all the details have been taken care of and everyone is set (though this is subject to last minute change as always) but generally this should be the list with the dates and sites.

A huge thank you to Rikki who made up this year’s button. Everyone is free to use it as they will (though it’s not mandatory that it’s used).

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Fan Letter Blog Crawl … Again!

It’s that time of year again! Well not really but almost…within planning time anyway.

Last year I organized an author appreciation blog crawl that involved bloggers writing fan letters to their favorite authors. The blog crawl was very successful and involved over 30 blogs across a variety of genres. We had gay blogs bookending Christian blogs and smut blogs next to literature reviews. It was a lot of fun and I hope successful for all the blogs involved.

It’s about that time to organize another one of these so I’m seeing who wants to be involved! I know not everyone visits my little corner *le sobs* so I’ll be emailing those that participated last year if I can find everyone’s email. You can make my life SO much easier if you take the following steps to contact me.

Just tell me an email address to contact you and your blog address. We’ll be posting hopefully every day in June so if there are scheduling conflicts please let me know which days don’t work. However I will follow up on that so no worries if you don’t know right now. Feel free to sign up anyway.

Those that already know they want to be involved can contact me any of the following ways:

  • email (kassa011 AT gmail DOT com)
  • comment on this post
  • twitter reply (@kassa_11) / DM
  • carrier pigeon
  • smoke screen
  • or plain out shout outs

If you participated last year and aren’t feeling it, don’t worry no black marks. Just a few muttered words behind your back. If you didn’t participate last year, you can still get in on the fun! After all where would we be without the authors and books we adore so much.

Be sure to check out last year’s crawl for inspiration and some really awesome blogs.