Review: The Art of the Delaneys

The Art of the Delaneys  (The Delaneys #3)The Art of the Delaneys by Anne Brooke
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Delaney’s series is a very entertaining excuse for some hot ménage sex. The various installments don’t really add much to the characterization or overall plot but the setups manage to make for some fun and hot sex scenes. The third installment is set up at Liam’s place of business and involves an art scam. This of course is just a way for Liam to have some hot and dirty sex with the mob twins but who’s complaining.

Liam is more attractive in this story as he manages to show a backbone while still scrapping and begging at the twins’ feet. Some of my issues with Liam is that he’s so spineless and self effacing. He never stands up for himself and seems to have no filter between his brain and his mouth. Perhaps that’s what the twins see in him but it’s hard to determine since the twins aren’t given any real depth. They’re simply cookie cutter mobsters that have decided for reasons unknown to date Liam.

While the plot and characterization are paper thin for the series, if not non-existent, the real pleasure comes from the writing and hot sex. Brooke is a skilled writer and what the story lacks in other departments it makes up for in hot erotica. The sex scene presented is delicious, a touch kinky, and a bit adorably awkward. It simply works for these three.

I’ll definitely continue with the series and I’d recommend reading it from the beginning for any newcomers. If you’re looking for some hot threesomes with a set of twins and a light D/s kink then the Delaney series should satisfy.

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