Meeting the authors..

So here is where the second part of meeting people came with a double edged sword… while meeting and hanging out with the girls was amazing and wonderful and all those great adjectives, we were there to also meet the authors. So let me run down a few of the interactions, both good and bad. I think the other girls had a bit more luck but I’m used to random, strange, and bizarre things happening to me. Continue reading


Swag – the good and the sadly recycled

Moving along to my rather extensive discussion of GRL, let’s talk swag today.

Swag is defined as promotional items given away at conventions or trade shows. This is pretty accurate for the stuff we were given but unfortunately most of it was recycled. I say that with the full knowledge and sadness that authors and publishers spent a ton of money on these items. I brought home about 20% (or less maybe) of everything I was given. Even then I feel I brought home too much but most of what I did keep was signed so hopefully I can tuck those into print books and call it a day. Continue reading

Here you go.. pictures!

So I still have a few more GRL posts (I believe in beating a dead horse) – these include a Meeting the Authors post and a Swag post.

But for your viewing pleasure here are some fun pics. Not surprisingly you may see similar ones on other sites.. we all whip out our cameras to the same things. I took something crazy like 100 pictures but here are just a few highlights. I mostly have a ton of pictures of us drunk at gay bars and then touristy street pictures. I’m thinking you want to see the gay bar ones more so enjoy this small sampling.

I can’t seem to embed a movie into WordPress and I’m too lazy to go figure out why, so click on this lovely link and it’ll take you to the slideshow of pictures. (Yes, another click!)

GRL – reality vs fantasy

The GRL retreat was and still remains an excellent idea. Judging by the number of people who went and wanted to go but couldn’t, it’s a great opportunity to mix with like minded individuals all with the same interest. The organizers made a pretty unwieldy schedule work as best they could and it went decently on time. A lot of readers want to meet and mingle with their favorite authors and have conversations about a genre they love or books in general. Specializing one of the massive conferences to just M/M and having it in a small, more intimate setting is really ingenious. I definitely tip my hat to whoever came up with this idea.

Unfortunately I think the execution never quite matched up to the idea. Continue reading

Roll onto your side so you don’t suffocate when you vomit…

That’s the advice I was given after a drunken night of debauchery.  As Leotine said so perfectly “last week was touristy stuff, you guys are the party.” I think we certainly did the bar and retreat proud with our celebrations. In fact hanging out with the girls and going around New Orleans was definitely the highlight of the trip.

I had considered blogging our trip day by day but let’s face it, I’m just not that kind of blogger. Not to mention I’m pretty sure the other girls will give play by plays since they are those kind of bloggers and well, I’ll leave that kind of work up to them. Also I can snag their great pictures that way too. I was kind of lazy with the camera on the trip. Continue reading

New Orleans and GRL.. finally!

After registering for this retreat ridiculously early months ago, it’s finally here! Since apparently all the other people I’m shacking up with are uber bloggers and have already been commenting and blogging (seriously, do you sleep?) I figured I had better post to keep up with the Mrs. Joneses.

Things I’ve learned after a mere few hours in the Big Easy:

  • Kris can most likely drink me under the table. There is some early evidence of such.
  • Chris does not sleep. I think the woman is a robot in human disguise.
  • Tam is an uber blogger. She blogs in her sleep! On Planes! I can’t keep up so I don’t try.
  • Sean Kennedy has a lovely singing voice (or so I’m told. I hope to hear evidence of it myself soon.)
  • He does however rock my world because I have lovely personalized autographed postcards that are only slightly mangled. I’m pretty sure I can iron them.
  • Oh and Kris is VERY popular – either that or her family is deathly afraid she’ll be murdered by us. But we’re harmless of course. *cough*

That’s it for now. Tonight is the GRL registration and MLR meet and greet. Hmm, considering MLR banned me from their reviewers list I wonder if they’ll block me from the party. You think? Won’t it be fun to find out. Can’t wait.. I’m bringing back up, who will most likely laugh at me and take pictures.

Oh and Kris.. your phone won’t stop ringing. Answer it please!


*edit : This is what I mean! Janna (whom I’m very excited to meet later today) is ALREADY blogging! Check it out...