Wanting by ML Rhodes

Wanting by ML Rhodes

It started with one kiss. Which led to another. And another. And then to a mind-blowing night of intimacy Jeremy Reynolds can’t forget. He can’t stop thinking about the gorgeous, smart, compassionate man who tilted his world. Can’t stop seeing warm, sexy eyes gazing at him with breath-stealing intensity.

Jeremy tries to tell himself to let the incident go, move on, and chalk it up to a life experience. After all, what transpired between him and his best friend and roommate, Ben Cross, can never happen again. Ben is gay, and Jeremy…isn’t. At least he’s never thought he was before. But now he’s torn and confused and not sure what the night with Ben meant—for either of them. Already stressed about final exams before the holidays and his difficult family situation, Jeremy doesn’t know how to deal with the conflicting feelings he’s having. And the one person he’s always been able to talk to about everything, and who’s always been there for him, is the very person he’s been avoiding for the past week because he doesn’t know how to face him after waking up in his bed.

Afraid he might have already screwed up his and Ben’s friendship beyond repair, Jeremy is haunted even more by the backlash he could face if he admits to Ben, or even to himself, how much the night they spent together really meant to him.

And how much he still wants Ben even now…

wanting more of that ass on the phone…

Pricing cont’d – Amber Allure


Next up is Amber Allure. I’ve had a long-standing grudge against Amber Allure due to the huge margins and small text with seemingly high prices. So really when I started this pricing guide, Amber Allure was always in my sights. Not to mention the discounts on the site but not on e-tailers. So I know they’re playing a little shifty with their pricing but are my frustrations justified or just perception? To start with, if you google “amber allure” nothing comes up. Ok, yet another frustration but let’s attempt to move on to the site itself.


Now one thing I have to say for AA is that they are extremely clear on their word counts. They explain that they don’t list page count but word count, which works perfectly for me.

    • Amber Brief:                    2,500 – 4,999 Words        $1.50 / Discounted $1.00
    • Amber Kiss:                     5,000 – 10,000 Words      $3.00 / Discounted $2.25
    • Extended Amber Kiss:      11,000 – 17,000 Words     $4.00 / Discounted $3.00
    • Novella:                          18,000 – 29,000 Words     $5.00 / Discounted $3.75
    • Extended Novella:            30,000 – 40,000 Words     $6.00 / Discounted $4.50
    • Novel:                             41,000 – 70,000 Words     $7.00 / Discounted $5.25
    • Extended Novel:               71,000+ Words                $8.00 / Discounted $6.00

Thank you AA! There are 364 titles under the Amber Allure imprint which includes at least a dozen or more paperback collections and ménage books. AA doesn’t exist at FW or ARe, but instead is uploaded under the parent umbrella of Amber Quill.


Doing an exhaustive check of their listed word counts and prices with both FW and ARe, I feel confident that AA is listing accurate counts. AA tends to round down, which is fine, as FW and ARe both come very close to the stated word counts. So for once, there is no a big discrepancy between the publisher and other outlets! This actually makes life SO much easier when everything is not only consistent but clear. This made me so happy, my grudge almost lifted.


So what does this mean?


No links for you!

I use the links to show the discrepancies which always exist but somehow AA has shown such close consistency there’s no need. The word counts are extremely consistent and the price listed for FW/ARe matches the AA site exactly for every single book. Shocking!



Pricing for AA is more difficult though. For starters, everything offered on the AA publisher site is discounted by 25%. However the price at e-tailers such as ARe or FW is the full price. For example:


11k Extended Amber Kiss for $4.00, discounted to $3.00 on AA is $4 on ARe and FW.





So clearly you’re not getting the best price to shop at e-tailers as this trend follows with ALL the categories listed. So let’s break down what that means for the price per word.


The lowest book I found was 3400 words and the highest was 80,000 words.

Of the 364 titles listed, the overwhelming majority are Extended Amber Kiss or Novella. There are only a handful of Novels and Extended Novels. 

If you’re buying from the AA site which includes a base 25% discount, this is the price per word. There is a huge spike in cost in their Amber Kiss category ($2.25 for 5k words).



What if you buy from ARe/FW? As you’d expect, the trend is the same, just more expensive.



Now how does it stack up with other publishers? Well this is a little messy.



Well this is a little messy.

So looking at short stories with other publishers, Amber Allure is some of the most expensive. However, if you buy from their site (thick red line), it’s considerably more affordable.



As for longer length, novella and up, Amber still tends to be one of the most expensive publishers. Without the discount from Amber, the publisher is now the leading MOST expensive. Only Noble eclipses AA – even DSP and Loose Id are cheaper!

However with the discount, AA comes middle of the road to cheapest at the high end.


So what does all of this mean?


Well it means that AA is incredibly consistent, which is very good to know. They keep a consistent pricing and word count strategy that transfers over to retailers as well. Unfortunately it also means that depending where you shop, AA can be the most expensive or one of the cheapest publishers.


To get your money’s worth from AA you HAVE to shop at their website. If you don’t, you’re likely to pay up to $2 MORE for the same book which means you’re definitely not getting your money’s worth.


If you shop at the AA website, Amber Allure is pretty competitive price wise among publishers, though they tend to specialize in 10k to 30k word stories. They have considerably fewer 40k+ stories than other publishers.


Bottom Line


Don’t shop at retailers. Shop at the publisher. I can’t stress this enough.

The rest of the series can be found HERE!


Nowhere Diner: Finding Love by TA Chase

Nowhere Diner: Finding Love by TA Chase

Leaving Minnesota, Timothy Gapin doesn’t have any plans except getting as far away from all the memories as he can before his money runs out. His secret lover has married, breaking his heart and making him chose a life in the open rather than a relationship built on lies.

Little does Tim know that four days later he would grab dinner at a diner and find a place to stop. Somehow this diner in the middle of nowhere becomes his home and the people who work there his family. In addition to the workers at the diner, Tim meets Bernie Capley, a long-haul trucker who isn’t all he seems to be.

Falling in love with Bernie is easy for Tim, but the past has a way of barging into the present, forcing decisions that affect their future…


gay paradise where the lube runs free…

Incubus by Rick R. Reed

Incubus by Rick R. Reed


What if…a stranger with a knife ripped away the love of your life?

What if…that love came back to you?

What if…that love looked the same, but you knew it couldn’t really be him?

Incubus is the haunting—and haunted—tale of Oliver and Ryan, a young couple who have traveled to Montreal from Chicago to get married. It’s late and they’re on their way home from their honeymoon, and their trip on Chicago’s el trains and subways is fraught with strange characters, one a biker-jacket-clad man who urges them to “Get close to Lucifer!” But the oddest stranger they encounter is a man in a zippered leather mask who waits for them in an underground parking garage with a knife. Only one of the men will emerge from this encounter alive.

Oliver’s depression overwhelms him, having seen his hope for a new life with his new husband squashed in an instant. He feels so alone. Or is he? When Ryan begins to appear to him again in the dark, and to make love to him, Oliver is happy…and in denial. He ignores this new Ryan’s cold touch, his strange eyes, and the odd burns Ryan’s touch leaves on his skin.

Has Oliver’s despair and desire for his lost love opened a door to something dark and terrifying? Is the Ryan who returns to him really the Ryan he loves, or a demonic imposter? And when love is brutally ripped away, will Oliver decide it doesn’t matter?

With Incubus, Rick R. Reed merges his talent for horror with a tragic love story and the result is…chilling… 


incu… what? .. so many times no

Entanglements by Fae Sutherland & Marguerite Labbe

Entanglements by Fae Sutherland & Marguerite Labbe

Friends. Lovers. Realists. Up-and-coming rocker Ben Copeland and struggling actor John Calder have an unspoken understanding. Mutual pleasure, no strings attached, no demands made, not to mention chemistry so scorching it needs a warning label. For more than a year they’ve sexed their way from one coast to the other, and Ben’s beginning to think he might just have found the key to a perfect “relationship.”

Except now John’s gone and fallen in love. Ben’s career is finally skyrocketing and the last thing he wants or needs is the complication of too many dangerous emotions. John’s not one to take no for an answer, though, and when the “Scottish Don Juan” puts his mind to something, even a man like Ben had better look out.




This is a hot novella filled with aggressive masculine men who are stubborn to a fault. Although they are moody men, most especially Ben, this is light on the angst. The story tends to use stubborn anger as the most pervasive emotion over drawn out emotional turmoil. The focus on sex almost overwhelms the story to its detriment, but overall this is an enjoyable, easy read using some well known and loved themes. This will appeal most to fans of the authors as there is very little variation on the rock star theme found in numerous stories.

The premise is based on two celebrities, an actor and a rock star, that are friends with benefits. John and Ben met a year ago in a bar and have an easy no strings attached relationship. Both are in the entertainment industry and they enjoy the side benefits of their work (aka sleeping with fans) while seeing each other whenever possible. Their easy companionship slides to a halt when John wants more and Ben panics. However, neither is willing to completely let go so John takes a risky gamble on a happy ending.

The story is told in third person, alternating point of view with some significant pronoun confusion. There are a few editing errors but mostly the writing is rather clean. The characters are decent and three dimensional, yet the focus on the sexual relationship leaves the emotional connection and depth of personality wanting. The two men are easy together and engage in rough, mind-blowing sex often. Neither questions nor examines why the sex is so much better together versus with others but simply indulge in the rush. Other than one or two conversations, the reader is never shown their companionship – only the hot sex and sarcastic dialogue. Supposedly the men are friends beyond the sex but that’s debatable as there is very little context shown to establish that. There are hints, such as the phone calls, but very little in comparison to the sex scenes. The depth of emotion comes almost entirely from great sex and mutual satisfaction.

This makes for a fun and hot story to read but doesn’t develop the relationship or characters beyond their charm and stubborn superficial nature. Ben’s fear of commitment is not adequately explained, merely used to keep the tension high and the two apart until he can come to grips with his feelings for John. John’s surprise at his own willingness to commit is also not well explained as John spends the entire story trying to first tell Ben about his feelings and then to convince Ben to admit to the same. The carefree no strings aspect of his personality never really presents itself.

For all these flaws, the mostly clean writing and hot sex scenes carry off an enjoyable story. This is primarily due to the plethora of erotica because frankly these authors can write some scorching sex. The biting dialogue and banter between the two – again mostly during sex (see a theme yet?) – is enjoyable and entertaining as the big, bold personality of the physically smaller Ben comes out dynamically. The theme of reluctant celebrities is tried and true and these authors offer very little in the way of a fresh, innovative take but still deliver an engaging story.. Even if the emotional connection between the two men suffered in the face of so much sex, the dialogue and characters are fun with a fast pace and quick read. It’s not a story that I’d read again but Ben as a moody, mouthy dominating bottom is worth the price for this story.

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Playing The Field: Served! By J.M. Snyder

Playing The Field: Served! By J.M. Snyder


Colby Johnson and his cousin Megan have been practicing all summer for Wildwood’s annual Beach Volleyball Tournament. The evening before, Colby drops by the bar where Megan works for a quick drink before heading home and meets sexy Vander “Van” Byron. The instant attraction is mutual, but they share only a few brief hours before Colby has to call it a night.

The next day, Colby and Megan are on a winning streak, advancing through the tournament ranks with ease. When Colby runs into Van and his twin sister Vallery at the tournament, he isn’t surprised—more than half of Wildwood’s population, tourist and local alike, are crowded on the beach for the event. But he is shocked to see the numbered vest Van wears, marking him as a competitor.

A quick look at the schedule shows that if both teams continue their winning streaks, the day will end with Colby and Van facing off through the volleyball net. To up the ante, Van proposes a little wager. Whoever wins their game advances in the tournament, of course, and continues on for a chance to win one of the grand prizes the next day, but whoever loses gets whatever he wants from the winner…




The fourth book in the JM Snyder’s Playing the Field series is another fun and sexy novella. This series are stand-alone books involving different sports for each book. There is the author’s trademark wit and humor evident in entertaining dialogue and affectations that elevate the pure fun of the short story.  These are not always happy ever after endings with lasting love but some are short flings with two hot, sexy guys with some sports thrown in for flavor. Although there is not depth to these stories, they are always a lot of fun to read and perfect for light summer reading.

Here Colby is unwinding after a long day of enticing tourists to throw hacky sacks into a bowl for a dollar prize. As he has a big volleyball tournament the next day, he’s not looking for a hookup but can’t resist flirting with a tall, handsome, and sexy out of town visitor. Although both are hungry for more, Colby has to play the next day so their first “date” is cut short. The promise for more exists as they meet the next day on the court and decide to add a sexy little incentive to their game.

This short and fun flirtation doesn’t delve into the characters much but offers a delicious summer flavor. The characters of Colby and Van are both sexy and very masculine. The type of young men who aren’t worried about the future yet but indulge in their love of summer, sports, and sun with the occasional hookup. The chemistry and flirtation is electric and the story keeps a nice balance of not quite giving into that lust but keeping the tension stretched tight. Although these two aren’t looking for a happy ending, there is always a possibility for more which makes their interaction more interesting than strangers meeting to scratch an itch.

The secondary characters of Van’s twin sister Vallery and Colby’s cousin Megan are fun as they are annoyed with the walking hormones of their respective tournament partners. The story is short enough that the antics of the women aren’t annoying and it’s easy to relate to their annoyance while enjoying the sexual flirtation of the men.  The dialogue and background of the volleyball tournament bring to life a hot summer day filled with spectators as the men unobtrusively grope and fondle while trying to distract each other. The numerous details added really add a depth and flavor that is often ignored in short stories in favor of adding more sex. Here the sensuality and flirting continue to ratchet the tension higher and higher until the last satisfying scene.

Although I think my favorite of the series so far is Play On, the soccer themed novella, this new installment is fun and highly enjoyable. The dialogue and setting are rich and wonderful, offering a texture not often found in shorter stories. If you’re looking for a quick, hot summer read, be sure to check this out. You don’t need to have read the previous stories to understand this one, there are no continued characters so go ahead and indulge in some summer smexing. Two hot guys, suntan oil, and a rocking jeep – what more could you want? 

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A Busted Afternoon by Pepper Espinoza

 A Busted Afternoon by Pepper Espinoza

It’s June, 1972, and the Vietnam war overshadows Ed Sorenson’s life. Barely out of high school, and there’s nothing ahead of him except war and death. On a whim, he packs up his old station wagon with California in mind. He invites his friend, Sammy, to join him on his journey, never expecting the other man to jump at the chance.

The station wagon barely makes it as far as Nevada. It dies on the shoulder during a freak summer thunderstorm, trapping the two young men, and giving them no choice but to face the secrets they’ve been hiding, the fears they’ve been harboring, and the desire they can barely keep at bay…




A look back at a scary time when the draft loomed over many young men forcing them to take hold of their destiny and live in the present rather than worrying about the future. This short story (~40 pages) is sweet, sensitive, and gives a lasting relationship to a childhood crush. The happy ending in the epilogue is the perfect touch on a lovely short tale of first love. The writing is good and gives the characters an honest description, rather than a false sophistication. My only complaint is that the story is so short it ended before I could really connect to either character. For that, the story is sweet but not lasting sadly. Hopefully other readers will connect sooner to the men because this story is definitely worth reading.

One of the best things about this short story is the semi-historical setting yet the atmosphere feels entirely modern. Although the draft no longer exists, the elemental fear of it still looms for many young men. This wonderful look brought the time and attitude of the early 70’s back with clarity while smoothing out the edges to focus on the men. Both characters are constantly aware of the draft and their place in it, but decide to take a trip to California before their decided fate steps in for them. This seemingly simple action shows a deep well of courage existing simultaneously with what could be a paralyzing fear. Instead these two men grab life and adventure with both hands and set their own course.

The story almost entirely takes place in the backset of a broken down station wagon on the side of the road in nowhere Nevada. The two men knew each other as children but were never friends. Thus Sammy’s decision to accompany Ed pleased him, but baffled him at the same time. The two men admit, in stops and starts, their lingering feelings for each other, but not without their own fear and confusion mixed in. Although the first blush of love between the two young men is lovely, their emotions also swing to anger and rage. The two battle both verbally and physically as they struggle with unknown emotions and fears neither wants to acknowledge. Eventually that anger dissipates in the face of overwhelming desire. The sweet, often clumsy first kiss leading to both virgin boys giving into their hormones is touching while still giving readers a bit of a thrill. Let’s face it, two twinks in the backseat of a wagon is never a bad thing, especially since they’re legal.

The characters of Ed and Sammy are brief but enjoyable. Ed is the smaller and frailer of the two often sick and picked on some as a kid. Sammy is bigger but has always noticed Ed and protected him, even without Ed realizing. This dynamic will please those fans that like the idea of a childhood crush turning into first love and lasting happy ending. The story stays true to the young men as it explores their emotions, desires, hopes and dreams, as they know them during the fearful political time. This is the strength of the story as the language is emotional and touching. The prose is best exemplified with this lasting impression:

They fell back into silence. Sammy wasn’t eager to break it. He just wanted to enjoy the quiet. It pressed in around them, comforting in its own way. He didn’t know if they’d ever be able to figure anything out. He didn’t even know if they’d be alive a year from now. But, for the first time in their lives, neither one of them was alone. Sammy didn’t think he had the need, or the right, to ask for anything beyond that.

This solid short tale will connect with some and be too short for others, but is definitely worth reading. The beautiful emotions are easily translated and depict two young men on the verge of the scariest time in their lives, grabbing a hold of the few constants they can. There is an uplifting emotion though and ends on a positive note. Fans of the author especially will adore this short.

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Wearing Death by Jamie Craig

Wearing Death by Jamie Craig


When veterinarian Jeremy Reed hears a thump one night on his front step, he expects to find an abandoned animal. What he gets is battered and broken cop Brendan Wheeler. Kidnapped from his apartment five days earlier by an unknown man, Brendan now sports a vivid tattoo across his back depicting a young woman’s death, a woman nobody knows.

Until the next morning when Jeremy discovers her dead body.

Brendan wants to find the killer. Jeremy wants Brendan to survive. And someone wants both of them to pay… 





This book has one of the more fascinating and instantly riveting ideas that I’ve seen in mysteries lately. Unfortunately, the book goes nowhere with the idea. The story isn’t really a mystery but instead the flirting dance between two men as they act on the chemistry between them. That’s not bad per se, although I struggled to keep my attention and interest in the story, but given the potential in the tattoo idea – I couldn’t help being deeply disappointed that the concept was ignored in favor of bland sex with absolutely no mystery. For a light summer read, fans of the author will want to read this story but don’t be fooled by the blurb; it’s actually a fluff romance.

The story begins with an injured and desperate cop, Brendan Wheeler, arriving bloody on local veterinarian’s doorstop. The chemistry between the men is instantaneous and when Jeremy discovers the dead body of a local woman, the two men are kept on close surveillance as Brendan recovers. The men dance and flirt around each other for a few days before giving into the passion between them.

Although the blurb and beginning of the story hold promise for a mystery, there is actually no real mystery component. The resolution to murder and identity of Brendan’s assailant are wrapped up in four pages out of the 90 page book. The remaining space is devoted to the burgeoning relationship and mundane details of Brendan’s recovery. There is some mention of Brendan trying to get involved in the case but he’s well shut out by his police chief and relegated to combing through his recent cases. However, there is almost no time devoted to this except a passing mention between the men making dinner, having sex, flirting, and the developing emotional connection. While a story about two men connecting and starting a relationship is always a welcome staple of romance, the lack of actual mystery given the elaborate set up and concept is surprising and deeply disappointing. The actual assailant is instantly identified by Brendan when he sees him and there is a very loose rationale for the actions.

The characters are sadly two dimensional without much depth, although the attempt to add more is there. Both men are strong, mentally and physically, with deep integrity and compassion. However, beyond that there is very little to either man as the story follows superficial activity over any deeper subtly. The large graphic tattoo now spanning the entirety of Brendan’s back is almost unimportant beyond the basics of treatment for the wound. Even as it depicts the brutal murder of a young woman, the men almost ignore it except when speaking of how to change the tattoo to something palatable. Even that conversation is brief and off hand between the sex and easy companionship.

The writing is decent but I found it difficult to connect to the story and characters once I realized this was simply a man meets man and has sex story, despite the blurb.  The summary built up my expectations for a fascinating twist on a murder mystery and perhaps a love interest along the way and although rare for me, I couldn’t change that expectation once the book veered off into the romance. The lack of substance to the plot and characters had me struggling to keep my attention on the story. Neither the romance nor mystery injected any tension or drama into the story, although there are a few darker moments. This would have been much better as either a fully devoted mystery with the tattoo component or a simple romance between two men.

If readers are looking for an easy romance with some darker elements in the setting, this might fulfill that niche for summer reading. However, the dark aspects don’t impact the story too much and the mystery is negligible. I think in this case the elaborate set up is a disservice to the story since it’s taken nowhere and unfortunately offers little. 

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Bring the Heat by ML Rhodes

Bring the Heat by ML Rhodes

Police Detective Riley Ellison has a new habit … stopping by a coffeehouse called the Java Pit on his way to work. The coffee’s good, but it’s not the rich flavor that lures him to drive blocks out of his way each morning, and it’s not an addiction to caffeine either. He’s half-embarrassed to admit it, but it’s the man who keeps him coming back. The long-legged, painted-on-jeans-wearing, dark-haired, edgy sex god with the teasing eyes. He’s everything Riley ~ who has a history of geekdom and being flustered around hot men ~ is not. Riley knows he should put a stop to the daily forays because nothing can ever come of it. Guys like that aren’t interested in men like him. Yet every time the hunk meets his gaze across the crowded shop and aims a sizzling grin at him, Riley gives in and comes back to participate in the silent, sexy flirtation another day. Needless to say, the last thing he’s expecting when he goes to question a witness about a murder at a local gay strip joint is to discover the witness is his coffeehouse hottie.

Dane Scott works as a stripper strictly for fun. He doesn’t need the money ~ he’s got plenty in the bank from his other career. He just likes to have something to keep him busy a few nights a week. When one of his fellow dancers turns up murdered outside the strip club, the police detective who shows up on Dane’s doorstep asking questions is none other than the sexy, blond cutie he’s been flirting with at the coffeehouse for weeks. Riley Ellison’s a fascinating contradiction ~ rugged, strong, serious-eyed hero and bashful boy next door. A combination Dane finds all too appealing and a refreshing change from the selfish, shallow men he’s known and dated in the past. From the moment Riley flashes his badge, Dane’s determined to show the skittish cop they can make magic together.

The heat between them quickly soars to the boiling point and not even a murder investigation can cool the passion they share. That is, until new information on Riley’s case implies Dane may not be all he seems.


should be called bring the meat..

Pottery Peter by Rick Reed

Pottery Peter by Rick Reed

Josh, between his freshman and sophomore years of college, gets a job at the pottery, a place where sweaty men dressed in sleeveless T-shirts, with biceps glistening and bulging, hoist heavy molds and liquid clay.

For Josh, it’s an eye-opening summer, building his own muscles and falling in love for the very first time. But falling in love is never uncomplicated, especially when two hot men have caught Josh’s eye. Which one of them will claim Josh’s virgin territory? Will it be Dale, the heavy-metal blond God with the tattoos and rough demeanor? Or will Kevin, Josh’s beefy, red-haired Irish boss, steal his heart, along with a few other parts further south?

Come along for a ride during one long, hot summer where the job benefits for an aroused young man are way more than what Human Resources promised!


[Naked chest cover streak alive and strong!]


Who knew Rick Reed could write pure porn? He has written the classic pure porn without a plot story that spans a mere 20 pages, 6k words to be precise. This is a short story meant to entertain and titillate (I think) and full of raunchy, outrageous sex. It’s partly tongue in cheek – and yes that does apply to every conceivable use of that phrase – partly humorous and completely outrageous. Reed has even made up a few new porn terms. There is not much depth to this book, besides the obvious.

Considering the author wrote this purely to entertain with hilarious turn of phrases, descriptions, and love poles, there is not much for me to really analyze or talk about. This particular story didn’t appeal to me but far be it for me to judge what another person may enjoy in the porn variety. I do realize some don’t appreciate incestuous tentacle porn (plebeians) so I’ll just add a few quotes here and if this seems like your kind of fun, go for it. It’s at a cheap price for a couple of bucks so if you like the quotes and want the story for some fun with your favorite toy, enjoy.


I gobbled him, my spit leaking out of my mouth to cover his shaft and balls. I could hear his breath quickening and his balls drawing up closer to his body. I shut my eyes, wanting whatever he would give me, burying my face in the fiery curls of his bush. He grunted and pumped my mouth full of hot cum. I could barely breathe—let alone swallow—as his cock spit out what seemed like an unending load. Oh my God, I thought—greedily gulping down his cream and savoring its starchy taste—this is what I’ve always wanted.

“If I’m not careful, I’m gonna shoot down that college boy throat…and I can think of a lot better place for my scum.” He pulled his dick out of my mouth and I reached out for one final taste.

Dale threw my legs in the air and spit on my asshole. His dick was already dripping with his pre-cum and my spit. He poised the head of his dick against my sphincter, then slowly shoved in, deeper and deeper, invading that dark, dank manly hole.

I felt the cum building in my balls. I shut my eyes and bit my lip, willing it not to happen. But in seconds, without even touching myself, I felt the first hot splash of splounge on my chin, then my neck, then all over my chest.

I looked up and saw Kevin’s ass, open and spilling some of Dale’s seed. I put my mouth to that just-fucked asshole and sucked out a taste of Dale’s sweet nectar. Then I stood, turned, and kissed him.

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