Filth by M. King

Title: Filth
Author: M. King
Publisher: loveyoudivine alterotica
Length: 300 pgs
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Does gender really matter? Kel and Toni are two damaged people, both trying to find answers. But, where Kel’s hopes for the future lie mainly with outreach programs and a new life with his lover, Toni’s looking for absolution in a bottle of Mexican hormone pills.
Kel […]

The Master Series: Book 1 – Devil’s Spawn by Sarah Masters

The Master Series: Book 1 – Devil’s Spawn by Sarah Masters

Vincent’s life is turned upside down with the return of Julian. Will Vincent find out why Julian is really called The Master?

After an altercation with Vincent, Julian leaves the ton as captain of Le Frai de Démon, trading his wares in foreign parts. Two years pass, two years of Vincent abstaining from sex and mourning the loss of his love.

Week nights, gay men gather in Devil’s Spawn, Julian’s club, and though Vincent doesn’t partake in sexual contact, he visits the club as a way to bring Julian closer despite his absence.

One night, Vincent’s life is turned upside down with the return of Julian. Though his heart tells him to open up and allow Julian in, his pride rears its stubborn head. Will Julian be able to break down the barriers? And will Vincent find out why Julian is really called The Master?

[I actually really like this cover.]


I’m trying out the loveyoudivine publisher and I have to say, I have a few problems with it. Perhaps that’s for another post though and this one is a review for the book Devil’s Spawn. This is a good book with some very light BDSM elements and mostly focuses on the turmutous relationship between the two main characters. There is very little setting and world building, even though this is a historical, yet the strong chemistry and characters easily carried this enjoyable story. I’m very interested to see where this leads and hope to pick up the next in the series, although this plays into the problem I have with one story broken up over several different books and rather expensive per story when they should be combined. Here each short story (~30 pages) is $2.40 and there will be several that put together equal one full story. So know that going in, you’re paying MORE for the full story than you would if you bought a full sized novel. Trust me, I’m annoyed by this too.

But moving on to the story itself, Vincent is upset that Julian left him two years ago without a word. Since then Vincent has craved Julian’s dominant personality and their explosive chemistry, making Vincent rather grumpy and ill tempered. Upon hearing that Julian is back at port, Vincent returns to Julian’s club in hopes of seeing the man who captured then broke his heart. When their chemistry picks up where it left off, Vincent must decide if he’s going to take a chance on Julian a second time or hide his heart.

Given that this is a romance, it’s not a stretch to know what Vincent chooses but the short journey between the two men is very hot and dynamic. Vincent may crave Julian’s domination but it’s not classic BDSM and more so, Vincent loves Julian’s take charge attitude more than he loves being tied and whipped. The BDSM elements are very light and not overwhelming so readers shouldn’t be turned off by the inclusion but be warned this is not the main aspect of their relationship. Perhaps in future books it’ll become more defined, but for this introduction the focus is on the characters, sex, and their acceptance of each other despite past hurt.

Told from third person from Vincent’s perspective, the character of Julian is less defined for the reader but still very dynamic. While Vincent has been pining away for Julian, Julian on the other hand has been enjoying the delights of many young bodies. His explanation is practical and understandable, even if his lack of fidelity may displease romantics. There are a few details brought up but not fully resolved or integrated into the story, such as the altercation at the start, but this is very much a beginning to the men and their relationship so I assume further stories will delve more deeply into these aspects and perhaps resolve the lingering details – of which there were many.  

The writing was decent, but tried too hard in a few areas. The beginning especially is filled with alliteration and detracts from the story as it attempts to be more literary than necessary.

Vincents carriage drew up outside Devils Spawn, dark shadows swallowing it with a fog-filled, frost-bitten maw. He puffed out an impatient breath, and his cloudy exhalation amalgamated with the mist.

There are several points in the story where such examples litter the writing instead of enhancing it, but overall it does settle somewhat to a more enjoyable narrative. Hopefully future stories won’t be filled with such overblown writing and instead concentrate on the strengths of the story, which are the characters. The sex scenes are smoking hot and enjoyable so fans will be certain to enjoy this story. As an introduction, it’s decent to good with enough interest for me to carry on, even knowing it’s a sneaky way to get more money out of readers. 

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