Review: Passing Shadows

Passing Shadows
Passing Shadows by M. King
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

2.5 stars, maybe closer to 3 for the good writing.

I admit I didn’t remember really anything from the previous book a couple years ago. I just knew I’d given it (Breaking Faith) 5 stars, which is rare for me so I must have really really loved the first book. So I dove into this hoping I’d be able to follow along without knowing much about the established couple. This worked ok but I really think readers should go back and re-read the first book before tackling this one. The biggest problem I had was that the main couple didn’t work for me, at all. Whereas I had a vague feeling of the couple once being so madly in love and right for each other, I struggled with the sequel thinking they would be better off apart. The boys feel immature, silly, and totally unsuited for each other. I also struggled because the book lacked a real focus. Instead it meanders along showing various events in their lives without a defined purpose or result. I like this author’s writing so that kept me engaged but towards the end I just wanted to be over with it. Continue reading

Review: Tonight or Else

Tonight or Else
Tonight or Else by M. King
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Tonight or Else is a fantasy story with an unusual ending. It’s exactly the kind of story I expect from King, mythical with a lot of exaggerated details and a compelling narrator. I like how King’s stories are always different with a darker tone than most in this genre and although there is rarely a happy ending, the characters emerge strong and vibrant at the end. Continue reading

Filth by M. King

Title: Filth
Author: M. King
Publisher: loveyoudivine alterotica
Length: 300 pgs
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Does gender really matter? Kel and Toni are two damaged people, both trying to find answers. But, where Kel’s hopes for the future lie mainly with outreach programs and a new life with his lover, Toni’s looking for absolution in a bottle of Mexican hormone pills.
Kel […]

Top Ten List Part Three

I hope everyone had a wonderful new years! As expected all the televised performances sucked because over half lip synched their way through it. J.LO wearing a fur rug and then whipping it off to a body suit as she was lifted, dragged, and humped around the stage was the highlight of ridiculous. But that’s over!

Since I always tend to cling, I’m still reminiscing over books I read in 2009 that were awesome. The new year will come soon enough so if you’re still looking for some great reads before the new barrage of books, check these out.

Top 10 books you should read: peek under the kilt…