Can’t Hurry Love by M. Jules Aedin

Can’t Hurry Love by M. Jules Aedin

Vincent is one unlucky bunny. After an indiscreet rendezvous with a sexy satyr in the supply closet at work, he’s put on probation and temporarily reassigned from the Easter Bunny Department to the Cupid Department. As his penance, he’s ordered to motivate one very sexy but surly cupid by the name of Charles Ross, who is effectively on strike.

Their first matchmaking assignment looks clear cut, an in-and-out (so to speak) task they can finish quickly so Vincent can prove he’s done his time and go back to stuffing Easter baskets. But when the plan goes wrong and Charlie ends up in a love coma, Vincent is put on trial for his slutty bunny ways! Now his only hope is for love to conquer all—including death—and come winging his way.

comedy done right…

Top Ten List Part Two

Today’s list is 5 favorite reads. These are tough to choose but I choose those that while could have made the top 10 list, were just edged out. However, they certainly deserve mentioning as these are the ones that I’ve re-read almost immediately after ending.
How to choose? it’s tough..

Windows In Time by M. Jules Aedin

Windows In Time by M. Jules Aedin


Fate added injury to insult when Jonah Sellers’s live-in boyfriend left him: while moving out his ex’s belongings, Jonah fell down the stairs and broke his leg. Now his house is a prison, and he’s working from home while his sister checks up on him. The only diversion in Jonah’s routine is catching the odd glimpse of a man in the apartment across the way taking off his clothes in front of the window.

But then Jonah is distracted by Liam Brooks, the nurse his sister sends over when she goes on vacation. As they dance around their growing attraction, Jonah and Liam begin to wonder about the man in the window. Why is he always dressed in the same clothes? Why is he there one minute and not the next? How is it that he lives in an old woman’s apartment? It’s while trying to answer these questions that they stumble across a fifty-year-old missing persons case they can’t resist trying to solve.

For those who always wanted a gay Hitchcock take…