Top Ten List Part Two

Today’s list is 5 favorite reads. These are tough to choose but I choose those that while could have made the top 10 list, were just edged out. However, they certainly deserve mentioning as these are the ones that I’ve re-read almost immediately after ending.

5. Like Coffee and Doughnuts by Elle Parker

This is a great detective story that is only made better by the sexual tension between the two friends turned lovers. The best part of the book for me is all the attention to detail. From the believable mystery, the clues, even the careful way Dino solves everything add to a lush Florida setting to create what’s easily one of my favorite mysteries of the year. This one is #2 as the #1 mystery will appear tomorrow on the top 10 list but you should definitely read this one if you haven’t. Thankfully the author’s also doing a sequel so read now and catch up! You’ll love it. My review is HERE!

4. The Strongest Shape by Tessa Cardenas

It’s been a while since a m/m/m has worked as well as this one has for me (Soft Focus is close on that list). Though I hate the cover and there are definite mistakes in the book, it still stands out as a fabulous read and one I delight in re-reading. The characters, the slight angst, the turmoil and their dedication to seeing it through all make for a great story. The writing tense can be off putting but stick with it, it’s worth it. My review is HERE!

3. Windows in Time by M. Jules Aedin

An unintentional nod to Hitchcock, fabulous characters, an interesting mystery, and one of the best love stories all rolled into one. You can’t beat this heart warming and beautiful story about two pairs of lovers. The ghost element is done incredibly well and this book really showed how great the author is. I can’t recommend this enough. My review is HERE!

2. Regularly Scheduled Life by KA Mitchell

Although a lot of people tout Collision Course as being so great, I didn’t think so. Instead I thought RSL shone with intense emotion and a rollercoaster of emotional action. This is a thoroughly angst filled book but it sucks you in so completely, there can be no other way. The struggle these two men go through to recover and live their lives is engrossing and captivating. I was totally worn out by the end and wanted to read it again. This is not the easiest read but it has a huge payoff, so definitely worth it. My review is HERE!

1. St. Nacho’s by ZA Maxfield

Who doesn’t love this book? Although the author has produced numerous books since St.Nacho’s, this still remains my favorite of hers and one of my favorite books. The characters are wonderful and their story is simply fabulous. Slight angst thrown in with humor and unexpected details had me curious what would happen the entire time. This book is so masterfully written that I can overcome one of *the* biggest bonehead moves ever for a leading man to make. It’s incredibly stupid and I managed not to throw my reader but love the story anyway. It’s that good. Read it! My review is HERE!

I don’t know if these were all published in the past year but I read them this year. 

2 thoughts on “Top Ten List Part Two

  1. You know I think one of the best things about these lists is that they remind you of how much you enjoyed some books and make you want to revisit them. Needless to say I will be rereading ‘Like Coffee and Doughnuts’ and ‘Windows in Time’ in the very near future. LOL.
    Thanks Kassa! Looking forward to your next post.

    • I know! It’s why I love looking at everyone’s lists to be honest and reminding others of great books. Last night Rear Window was on AMC so I had to get Windows in Time out to read alongside. I know Aedin said she didn’t write it with Hitchcock in mind but the similarities are there so it was fun to read/watch together.

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