Review: Only You

Only You
Only You by Willa Okati
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I read a fair bit of Willa Okati’s books and they are solidly average reads. I never really love or hate the books but I find them easy and forgettable. Which honestly is exactly what I wanted when I picked this one. I also liked that it was a shorter novella. I don’t have the time or mental energy for something long and involved right now, which only matters because that was my attitude coming into the book. I hadn’t read the previous book in the series but figured it couldn’t be that difficult to figure things out. The story was easy to read and romantic enough, although not having read the first book in the series did hinder my understanding somewhat. Overall Soulmarked is an enjoyable read and made me curious to continue with the series. Continue reading

Review: A Beautiful Disaster

A Beautiful Disaster
A Beautiful Disaster by Willa Okati
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I always think of Willa Okati books as easy reading, sort of romance light. The writing is ethereal and tends to lack a real connection with the drama presented. I knew this going in so I wasn’t disappointed with the book. However, I didn’t always particularly like it. The concept is good but like other books by this author, any attempt to add depth is superficial at best. This reads like magical sex cures deep-seated emotional and physical trauma. Sean is entirely different by the end with the love of a good man and some hot sex. That’s a nice thought and the problem isn’t that it’s unrealistic, this is romance after all, but that the story does very little to sell the change to the reader. There’s nothing that makes you want to believe in the transformative powers of sex. Continue reading

Review: Make a Right

Make a Right
Make a Right by Willa Okati
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I chose Make a Right because I like Willa Okati’s writing and the men seemed a touch angsty, which I adore. While the story succeeded in being romantic with a lot of elements fans are sure to love, I couldn’t quite connect with one of the main characters which kept me from truly enjoying this story. The right reader, however, will find this an easy, enjoyable book to read with very strong love conquers all and soul mate themes. Continue reading

By Your Side by Willa Okati

By Your SideBy Your Side by Willa Okati

Seven years ago, during a sultry summer by a lake, Matthieu fell in love with a man fifteen years his junior. Intelligent, passionate and talented, Roman swore he wanted nothing more than to settle down with Matthieu for the rest of his life. Matthieu couldn’t let that happen. The way he saw it, Roman had too much talent to waste with a small life and small dreams. He tried to do the right thing by severing all ties with the young man who commanded his passion, hoping that one day Roman would forgive and forget him.

That was never going to happen.

Roman has always known exactly who and what he wants — who he loves. Now that he’s found Matthieu again, Roman’s willing to do anything it takes to prove it. He’ll use his body, his music, and all his wiles to show the older man that their love is as real as their passion, and that they are meant to be together. Matthieu isn’t easily convinced, but Roman isn’t easily bested. He’s never been good at taking "no" for an answer — especially when he knows his partner well enough to be sure what he really wants to say is yes, yes, yes.

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

wonder if you can grow out of an author… used to like Okati a lot :s

Karma Chameleon by Willa Okati

Karma ChameleonKarma Chameleon by Willa Okati

Arden doesn’t usually take life that seriously. Why should he? He’s got good if weird shape-shifting-inclined friends and he’s grooving the mother of all extended hookups with Shavey, the only man Arden’s ever met who gives as good as he gets and takes as vigorously as he receives — and that’s just in bed. He’s living the sweet life, right?

Arden freely admits he’s a pain in the ass. He’s lewd, crude, shameless, and very nearly a nymphomaniac. Sure, he’s got some good qualities, but that’s never before been enough for someone he loved to stick around. Though he loves Shavey and wishes he could be the kind of long-term lover Shavey wants, Arden can’t pretend to be something he’s not.

The only place that leaves him is waiting for that other shoe to drop–drop-kick him out the door, that is. Though Shavey promises otherwise, Arden’s heard that song and dance before. He’s not buying it.

But that’s all before Arden needs Shavey’s help breaking a chameleonic shapeshifting curse. In return, there are a few things big bad bear Shavey would like to ask for — and intends to prove to Arden — in return.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

shape-shifter hijinks with some commitment issues.. and tons of sex

Screen Shots 4: Submission by Willa Okati

Screen Shots 4: Submission by Willa Okati

Skyler, a new recruit to, has one mission in mind: to get Thom, the cool, collected lead cameraman, naked and sweaty between the sheets. Skyler’s used to getting what he wants. So is Thom.

Skyler does know that Thom used to work on the other side of the camera. What he doesn’t know is that Thom specialized in training submissives. If you ask Thom, what Skyler needs is a damn good spanking. If Skyler doesn’t watch out, he’s in for a lesson on how to mind his manners.

Lucky Skyler — that’s exactly what he gets.




I wonder if there can be too many books from an author. Since the Screen Shots series started, a new book has been published every month and the quality is definitely starting to slip. Although the series is about a gay porn company and have very thin plots weaving together a lot of sensuality and sex scenes, the characters are getting more wooden and unappealing with each successive offering. The latest book is the worst of the series and can’t be saved even with hot BDSM sex. Additionally there are several writing errors that make me wonder if these books are being pushed out too soon and ultimately to the detriment of the series. As I like the author quite a bit and want to like this series, I’m pretty disappointed and let down.

Thom is one of the behind the scenes wranglers and directors of the company. Although he once was in front of the camera, his intensity and sexual kinks scared too many newcomers away and he transitioned to behind the lens. For six long years Thom has abstained from sex, earning his nickname “The Priest” from the porn cast. Now that long hiatus ends when brand new star Skyler pushes his way into Thom’s life. Thom recognizes the need to be dominated in the young man and happily complies.

The story starts out attempting to show Thom’s great control in the face of a pouting, immature Skyler. Skyler flounces around and tries to get Thom’s attention while he stoically and bravely ignores the young man. Often other porn stars would comment on the actions but do so in a mysterious way, leaving the reader confused over the intentions of the conversation. There is a lot of missed information and context as if there is some big secret that the reader isn’t allowed to know. This is frustrating and also unnecessary since the only secret is Thom’s love of domination, which is stated up front. So all the attempts at subterfuge and misdirection add nothing to the story and in fact create an awkward beginning.

When Thom and Skyler finally get together, all the action takes place over the course of one day. Skyler has so much sex that day it verges into impossible and turns a pouty, stubborn Skyler into the a demure, happy submissive with just a few words and a toy or two in merely one day. The lightening quick change focuses almost exclusively on the sex aspects to the exclusion of either man’s personality. There are brief mentions to Thom’s belief in past lives but this is completely dropped once it’s mentioned so why this information is included at all is confusing. Furthermore neither man is developed, both wooden and one dimensional beyond their sexual chemistry.

As with all the books in the series, the focus on accepting sex with the other stars as normal is a key component. Here after a six year no sex rule, Thom is ready to indulge once again with all the current porn stars. This decision doesn’t make sense for either man’s personality, their dynamic or the entire set up of the company and weak rationale for why the casual sex between friends is acceptable. Yet the book ends with Thom and Skyler happily agreeing to have casual sex with the other men now and even a mention of a ten man orgy. From these frustrating aspects to the various other stars that have all blended together and then adding in writing and editing mistakes, I ultimately was incredibly disappointed and ultimately wish I hadn’t read this book.  

I like this series and am a fan of hot BDSM sex yet with the poor execution of the plot with the holes and lack of depth to the characters, this offering felt like it was pushed out before it was ready. This makes me worried for future books in the series or perhaps this one will simply be the worst of the group and they will go back to the fun, flirty, sex filled fluff the series intends. I sadly can’t recommend this title but perhaps others in the series will improve.

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Screen Shots: Slinky by Willa Okati

Screen Shots 3: Slinky by Willa Okati 

Ross, the All-American "boy next door," is a long-established star of He’s settled into his comfort zone. Maybe too much so. He needs shaking up and waking up.

Maddox thinks he’s the perfect man for the job. Unfortunately for him, Ross doesn’t. Ross can’t see anything happening between himself and a crazy punk, but he’s wrong. Ross and Maddox have the kind of on-screen and off-screen chemistry no one can deny. It doesn’t hurt that Maddox is amazingly flexible and can do things in bed that’d blow a monk’s mind.

When vanilla meets Rocky Road, it’s a taste sensation and exactly what Ross discovers he’s been craving. But can he find it in himself to take what he and Maddox have to the next level?


[I hate these covers because it looks like a pixelated avatar from the SIMS. Someone also pointed out that using "Directed by" actually violates conditions of the Directors Guild of America. Oops. Nice catch Changeling.]



By this third installment of the Screen Shots series, the pattern has pretty much been established. A newcomer to the group will hook up with an established performer and end up feeling some deeper emotion than just the have sex on camera for cash deal. Sometimes that union is easy and practically seamless and sometimes there is a little drama thrown in. Very likely the series will continue with other various groupings and the only difference are the main couples. While this pattern may become staid and a bit predictable, the fun characters, incredibly hot sex, and witty dialogue make this a highly enjoyable series – even if it lacks much depth and weight. Slinky is no different with some quirky men, page burning sex, and pure unadulterated fun between the pages.

This particular offering focuses on the incredibly flexible newcomer, Maddox, that has entered the group with his eyes on All-American Boy Ross. Maddox is determined to have Ross, both on camera and off, and before Ross really knows what hit him – he’s too wrapped up in the tattooed, crazy hair, utterly insane Maddox to stop.

In this story, Ross and Maddox are the focus to the point that unlike other stories, neither Ross nor Maddox have sex with anyone else within the pages of the book. Other stories in the series are always careful to show that while relationships may happen, the men still engage in casual sex on camera as their jobs. The point is always hammered home that these men are somehow able to separate sex as their job with close friends versus sex at home with someone you love. Here, that is less the focus and the story instead caters to Ross’ initial confusion and wary attraction to the off the wall antics of Maddox. Maddox slowly draws Ross out of his shell and into more adventurous areas but always with the security that Maddox knows what it means to Ross to take those chances and to be with someone outside of a scene.

This does create a relationship between the two, independent of their work. Also the final scene shows the sheer love of men to be voyeurs, well these men anyway. None of them really want to give up their jobs of casual sex – they’re not only good at it but they love what they do. There is no attempt to justify their actions in this story, instead hot sex and a lot of it with some fascinating characters carries the narrative. There are of course scenes with other men from the company that slide in out with quick dialogue and teasing, always reminding the reader of previous matchups and potential ones in the future.

These may be harmless, fluff pieces of fun but they are incredibly entertaining and exactly that – fun. Although the series doesn’t really satisfy my curiosity in establishing how the men differentiate between work and relationships (they’re all friends with benefits), by now I can ignore that qualm and just enjoy the various couplings as they emerge.  Fans of the series definitely won’t be disappointed with a return to the lighter, easier tone of this book and will devour the many erotica scenes included. There are several small editing mistakes, misspellings and etc, but these are minor and shouldn’t impact the enjoyment of the story. I easily recommend the new book in the series. You’ll want to read about the human slinky, especially the soccer scene.

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