Top Ten List Part Three

I hope everyone had a wonderful new years! As expected all the televised performances sucked because over half lip synched their way through it. J.LO wearing a fur rug and then whipping it off to a body suit as she was lifted, dragged, and humped around the stage was the highlight of ridiculous. But that’s over!

Since I always tend to cling, I’m still reminiscing over books I read in 2009 that were awesome. The new year will come soon enough so if you’re still looking for some great reads before the new barrage of books, check these out.

Top 10 books you should read:

10. Murder on Camac by Joseph R.G. Demarco – My Review is HERE!

9. Love and Loyalty by Tere Michaels – My review is HERE!

8. The Elegant Corpse by AM Riley – My review is HERE!

7. The Phoenix by Ruth Sims – My review is HERE!

6. Stealing Ganymede by J. Warren – My review is HERE!

5. Angels of the Deep by Kirby Crow – My review is HERE!

  4. Whistling in the Dark by Tamara Allen – My review is HERE!


2. Tigers and Devils by Sean Kennedy – My review is HERE!

1. Note in the Margin by Isabella Rowen
 – My review is HERE!

Honorable Mentions –

Look Away Silence by Edward C. Patterson – My review is HERE!

Breaking Faith by M. King * this is a tough one. My review was taken down at Rainbow Reviews and I can’t find the book for purchase anywhere. But this is a rare 5 star book. I’ll try to post my original review here at 3AM soon. If I could have found this book for purchase somewhere, it’d have been on the list definitely. 

2 thoughts on “Top Ten List Part Three

  1. You know, I feel ridiculously parochial seeing Sean’s and the Isabelle Rowan book on your list. LOL.
    I’m re-reading The Elegant Corpse again. I just don’t recall it impacting me it obviously has you and Jen and others. I’ve also been reminded of a few books I was going to pick up when I read your reviews the first time round.
    Terrific list, Kassa! Thanks. I think. 😉

    • Hi Kris! Well Sean came to my attention when I read a quirky and fun short story in a valentine’s anthology and then I quickly devoured his other shorts. Then I came upon T&D and haven’t looked back lol. I wish Isabella Rowen had more of a backlist but Note is so fabulous.
      As for Elegant Corpse, I loved it wholly. I’m currently re-reading all the books and series I’ve posted recently so I’ll work my way to it, then onto to everyone else’s top 10 lists. And I *still* need to read Hero. *wince*
      thats my 2010 resolution 😀

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