Murder on Camac by Joseph R.G. DeMarco

Murder on Camac by Joseph R.G. DeMarco

When author Helmut Brandt is killed in an apparent mugging, P.I. Marco Fontana is hired by Brandt’s partner, who suspects this was premeditated murder.

Brandt’s work on the death of Pope John Paul I angered people in and out of the Church and made him more than a few enemies. His death happens soon after Brandt claims to have incontrovertible new evidence implicating people never before suspected.

Fontana doesn’t believe in coincidences and takes the case. A former Catholic himself, he knows that uncovering Brandt’s killer means more than exposing a thirty-year old plot to kill the Pope: it could also ruin the people named in the documents Brandt is supposed to have. Of course, if Brandt’s enemies have killed once over this information, they won’t hesitate to murder a P.I. who gets too close to the truth.

Entering the arcane world of the Catholic Church, Fontana encounters forces determined to keep him from getting to the truth. Though he manages to gain access to the upper levels of the Archdiocesan hierarchy, Fontana realizes that the web of power and deceit is every bit as intricate, tangled, and deadly as he imagined.

As the owner of StripGuyz, a troupe of male strippers, Fontana is no stranger to the seamier parts of the Philadelphia gayborhood. But in this case, he finds that there is an even murkier side to life in the city of Brotherly Love.

mystery and strippers.. what more could you want

Top Ten List Part Three

I hope everyone had a wonderful new years! As expected all the televised performances sucked because over half lip synched their way through it. J.LO wearing a fur rug and then whipping it off to a body suit as she was lifted, dragged, and humped around the stage was the highlight of ridiculous. But that’s over!

Since I always tend to cling, I’m still reminiscing over books I read in 2009 that were awesome. The new year will come soon enough so if you’re still looking for some great reads before the new barrage of books, check these out.

Top 10 books you should read: peek under the kilt…